Idle Mail Tycoon 1.0.3 APK MOD

Idle Mail Tycoon 1.0.3 APK MOD Idle Mail Tycoon  –

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Idle Mail Tycoon 1.0.3 APK MOD

Get ready to build your own mailing business and become an idle mail tycoon in this idle game! Automate your workflow and collect your idle cash income, even when you are offline!

Become a mail tycoon by managing your post office and idle profit!
Expand your empire & give it a boost with managers that will automate the workflow of your post office! Take on the challenge and discover the best mining strategy and earn as much as possible!

⁃ Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
⁃ Get idle cash, even when you are offline
⁃ Profit form a smart investment or two to boost your economy
⁃ Hire managers to increase your workers’ motivation
⁃ No internet connection needed

Become the greatest mail tycoon ever!

Got any problems or suggestions?

Feel free to send a message to [email protected] – We are always happy to hear our players’ feedback!

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Privacy Policy:



Android 4.4+

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game 40.2.98 APK MOD

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game 40.2.98 APK MOD Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure game  –

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Funky Bay – Farm Adventure game 40.2.98 APK MOD

Hi there! Welcome to the fun-filled tropical islands of Funky Bay! Build your own town and farm in a tropical paradise. Set out on amazing adventures and find your fortune. Exotic plants, animals, and adorable pets await you! The charming and colorful characters have lots of interesting stories to tell!
Harvest crops, process them at your factories, fulfil your orders and sell goods to develop your town and farm. Explore new lands, mine resources, solve quests and unearth pirate treasures. Become an Adventurer, start your own business, escape your routine and get some real relaxation on an island paradise! What are you waiting for!


• Breathtaking scenery and stunning graphics
• Create and customize your very own farm with tons of different buildings and decorations
• Harvest crops and fruit to craft valuable goods
• Begin your adventure with EXPEDITIONS on different islands in Funky Bay
• Get pets and animals for your own farm zoo
• Explore and expand your beautiful island
• Embark on exciting and risky adventures for more resources
• Play 100s of different quests with guaranteed bonuses and souvenirs!
• Interact with the fun local characters!
We fixed everything we needed to fix and added a couple of cool new things.



Android 4.0.3+

Nautical Life 2.282 APK MOD

Nautical Life 2.282 APK MOD Nautical Life  –

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Nautical Life 2.282 APK MOD

Welcome aboard to the world of Nautical Life. Come and enjoy an unique experience of a Tycoon with RPG! Here you can buy your dream yacht and customize the yacht interior for all tastes furniture. Watch the cycle of the day and the night affecting the landscape and the fishing.
Sail around the world to fish all the variables fishes and get rich!

– There are 13 yachts completely unique.
– More than 100 furniture to customize your yacht.
– 65 different species of fishes to get.
– Day and night cycle.
– Countless missions around the world.
– Show your friends how your yacht looks like.
– Manage fishing boats to raise your wealth.
– 13 fishing rods with different attributes.
– Have fun betting on South Shore Casino!

Come to sail around the wonderful world of Nautical Life!

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Bugs Fixed



Android 4.4+

Hollywood Celebrity Story Life Simulator Game 1.6.3 APK MOD

Hollywood Celebrity Story Life Simulator Game 1.6.3 APK MOD Hollywood Celebrity Story Life Simulator Game  –

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Hollywood Celebrity Story Life Simulator Game 1.6.3 APK MOD

Do you dream of becoming a Hollywood celebrity, recording a platinum album, receiving an Academy Award? Or maybe you prefer to be a popular blogger and launch your own clothing brand? Then Hollywood Story is the right game for you!🎬🎬🎬🎬

Your character has just graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dream of great achievements in Hollywood. It doesn’t matter that you have to start with life among the hobos in a trailer park. Fortune helps the willful, so you will certainly be able to make your dreams come true.

Earn money, establish business contacts, maintain relationships with friends, and obtain your own home in the Hollywood Hills, a life of luxury and worldwide recognition.



This is the story of a naive newcomer who just came to Los Angeles to become a star. Together with the hero, you will try to climb to the very top of the Hollywood Olympus. Live in a virtual LA, make useful acquaintances, use any chance and become a real shark of show business.


Like real life, our game is full of coincidences: today you received a bonus, and tomorrow you’ll lose your wallet. Your character will fall into a huge number of different situations in which you have to choose what to do.


Do you want to live in a large castle with land, in which hundreds of pets frolic, or prefer privacy on your own uninhabited island? Do you want to drive a jeep or a limousine? Or maybe you’ll choose a personal helicopter? All this is possible when your life is a Hollywood story.


Your character is surrounded by many people: old friends, family, that are always ready to help, and strangers who can become faithful allies, or conversely – irreconcilable rivals. Meet, chat with them and become friends. And maybe later your character will find love, start a family and find true happiness.

💙💙💙💙Meet the renewed real life simulator! A completely new second life is waiting for you, so guide your character from zero to hero!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hello, future celebrities.
In the new patch we made animations of your virtual other-halfs, kids and pets. Now they can breath and move, just like in real life.
Also we fixed some minor bugs and made some localisation corrections.
Thank you very much for playing our game. We hope you’ll make your dreams come true in the game and in real life.



Android 5.1+

Shark Tank Tycoon 1.20 APK MOD

Shark Tank Tycoon 1.20 APK MOD Shark Tank Tycoon  –

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Shark Tank Tycoon 1.20 APK MOD

Do you have what it takes to survive the Shark Tank? 🦈🦈🦈 Build your business empire and become a billionaire in the official idle clicker mobile game, Shark Tank Tycoon.

As the newest Shark in the tank – Hear pitches from entrepreneurs and choose which companies and products to invest in and grow your empire to become a self-made multi-millionaire or even multi-billionaire business tycoon! Click, tap, and build your way up the leaderboard to prove that you are the top Shark. Search in multiple cities across the world for the best businesses and products that hopeful entrepreneurs and inventors have to offer. The more your empire grows, the more idle cash you’ll earn, even while offline!

Next in the tank is YOU! Are you in or are you out?

The Ultimate Shark Tank mobile experience is now on your phone and tablet! Become the next Shark and beat the competition to conquer the world of business.

Shark Tank Tycoon offers exciting and addictive idle clicker game mechanics including:
🔍 DAILY QUESTS: Complete fun, challenging quests each day to earn more money and gain a competitive advantage.
🏭 INVEST IN PRODUCTS: Choose the products you want to build, market, and grow. As a Shark, you decide how to invest by making high stakes deals to cut out the competition.
💼 BUILD BUSINESSES: Unlock, manage, and upgrade businesses to earn more idle money. Click and tap to become a billionaire faster!
🌎 EXPAND YOUR EMPIRE: Dominate and take over markets as you grow your business and franchise reach in multiple cities and globally.
💰 HIRE MANAGERS: Grow your businesses by unlocking and upgrading advisors to earn higher profits and money.
🎉 LIMITED TIME EVENTS: Complete Festivals each weekend to win special items such as unique entrepreneurs and business managers
💵MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU: The bigger your business empire, the more money you’ll generate. Even when you are idle or asleep, your business will continue to produce cash.

TV’s Emmy-Award winning Shark Tank is now your favorite incremental game on mobile devices. As a Shark, start from rags and grow to riches in this best new business idler! Prove your ability as a cunning entrepreneur by investing stake in unique products and build production by managing and upgrading businesses and buildings. Dominate entire cities as you expand your empire on your way to becoming a millionaire business mogul.

This app may include advertising tailored to your interests on behalf of the Sony Corporation family of companies, as well as third parties. To learn more about this, visit To exercise certain choices regarding interest-based advertising, visit You may also the App Choices app at

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Created by Nippon Television Network Corporation © 2020 CPT Holding, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Cloud Save has arrived! Enjoy cross-device saves when signed into Google Play Games.
Enjoy our weekly events! Earn unique and powerful rewards!
Bug fixing and Improvements



Android 5.0+

Goat Simulator 1.5.3 APK MOD

Goat Simulator 1.5.3 APK MOD Goat Simulator  –

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Goat Simulator 1.5.3 APK MOD

Goat Simulator Free is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true!

Goat Simulator Free is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.

Goat Simulator Free is free to and play, however, additional levels can be purchased for real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or Goat Simulator Free.

Goat Simulator Free is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your time on something else, such as a befriending a real goat, learning a new language or extending your lint collection.

• You can be a goat
• Get points for wrecking stuff – brag to your friends that you’re the alpha goat
• MILLIONS OF BUGS! We’re only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we’re keeping it
• In-game physics that bug out all the time
• Seriously look at that goat’s neck
• You can be a goat

Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required to play


Android 4.4+

Sand Ant Farm 1.1.0 APK MOD

Sand Ant Farm 1.1.0 APK MOD Sand Ant Farm  –

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Sand Ant Farm 1.1.0 APK MOD

1. Click on the food producing ants, and the ants will start to move and acquire resources.
2. When the number of ants reaches the basic value, place the queen to form a nest of ant lanes and start waiting for excavation.
3. Upgrade the ant nest to strengthen various abilities
4. Dig down and discover new elements.
– Fix any bugs



Android 4.4+

에브리타운 1.91.55 APK MOD

에브리타운 1.91.55 APK MOD 에브리타운  –

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1.91.55 APK MOD

감성마을 1번지, 에브리타운
♡♥에브리타운의 특징♥♡

☞ 이렇게 아름다운 마을 보셨어요?
– 한 폭의 수채화 같은 세밀한 건물과 조형물!
– 어제는 산토리니! 오늘은 한옥마을?
– 여러분의 취향대로 나만의 마을을 데코해보세요!

☞ 내가 직접 수확한 작물로 공장을 가동해요!
– 손맛이 가득 담긴 파스타 대령이요~
– 제작부터 판매까지 내가 직접하는 마을 경영

☞ 이웃 안녕? 우리 마을에 놀러와!
– 우와~ 이웃이 나의 공장에 일손을 보태줬어요!
– 방명록으로 쌓아가는 친목! 우리 커플 타운 맺을래요?

☞ 오늘 마을 주민들의 의뢰는 무엇일까요?
– 주민들과 함께하는 지루할 틈 없다구요~
– 개성 넘치는 주민들의 스토리에도 쫑긋해보세요!

* 에브리타운은 갤럭시S3 이상 기종에서 원활하게 플레이할 수 있습니다.


* 에브리타운은 원활한 게임 플레이를 위해 다음의 접근 권한을 필요로 합니다.

[필수적 접근 권한]
– 기기의 사진, 미디어, 파일 액세스
: 게임 플레이 데이터를 저장하고 불러오는데 사용합니다.

[선택적 접근 권한]
– 카메라 / 앨범
: 게임 내 프로필 이미지 등록 및 변경에 사용합니다.

– 주소록
: 기기에서 계정을 검색하는데 사용합니다.

* 접근 권한 동의 후, 다음과 같이 접근 권한을 재설정하거나 철회할 수 있습니다

[Android 6.0 이상 버전]
1. 접근권한 별 철회방법: 단말기 설정 > 앱 > 더보기 (설정 및 제어) > 앱 설정 > 앱 권한 > 해당 접근권한 선택 > 접근 권한 동의 또는 철회 선택
2. 앱별 철회 방법: 단말기 설정 > 앱 > 해당 앱 선택 > 권한 선택 > 접근권한 동의 또는 철회 선택

[Android 6.0 미만 버전]
운영체제 특성상 접근권한 별 철회가 불가능하므로, 앱을 삭제하는 경우에만 접근권한 철회가 가능합니다.
안드로이드 버전을 업그레이드하여 주시길 권장 드립니다.

* 개발자 연락처
– 플레로게임즈
– 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 644번길 49, 6층 위메이드 타워
– 대표전화: 1670-1437
– 사업자등록번호: 220-87-48481
– 통신판매업 신고번호: 제 2015-경기성남-1372호
개발자 연락처 :
[전화상담] 1670 – 1437

Gamseong Village No. 1, Everytown
♡♥ Features of Everytown♥♡

☞ Have you seen such a beautiful town?
-Detailed buildings and sculptures like a watercolor!
-Yesterday Santorini! Hanok Village today?
-Decorate your own town to your liking!

☞ I run a factory with my own crops!
-This is a colonel of pasta full of taste.
-Village management from production to sales

☞ Hello neighbor? Come to our village!
-Wow~ A neighbor gave me a hand at my factory!
-Fellowship building with guestbooks! Would you like to join our couple town?

☞ What is the request of the villagers today?
-There is no time to be bored with the residents~
-Follow the stories of residents full of personality!

* Everytown can be played smoothly on Galaxy S3 or higher.

[Official Cafe]
[Customer Center]

* Everytown requires the following access rights for smooth gameplay.

[Required access rights]
-Access your device’s photos, media and files
: Used to save and load game play data.

[Optional access rights]
-Camera / Album
: Used to register and change the profile image in the game.

– address book
: Used to search for accounts on the device.

* After consenting to access rights, you can reset or revoke access rights as follows

[Android 6.0 or higher version]
1. How to revoke each access permission: Terminal Settings> App> More (Settings and Control)> App Settings> App Permissions> Select the appropriate access permission> Select consent or withdraw access permission
2. How to withdraw by app: Device Settings> App> Select the app> Select permission> Select consent or withdraw access permission

[Android version below 6.0]
Due to the nature of the operating system, it is impossible to revoke each access right, so you can only revoke access when you delete the app.
We recommend that you upgrade the Android version.

* Developer contact
-Flero Games
-Wemade Tower on the 6th floor, 49, Daewangpangyo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
-Phone: 1670-1437
-Business registration number: 220-87-48481
-Mail-order business report number: 2015-Gyeonggi Seongnam-1372
접속불가 버그수정


Android 4.0+

養豬場MIX 8.4 APK MOD

養豬場MIX 8.4 APK MOD 養豬場MIX  –

(   )


















Android 4.2+

ようとん場MIX 11.3 APK MOD

ようとん場MIX 11.3 APK MOD ようとん場MIX  –

(   )














【game introduction】
Full-scale pig breeding game “pig farm” is the power-up!
“Pig farm MIX” is, you become a pig farm owners, it is fostering a variety of pig full-scale training game.

Full of personality pig us, 131 types including the new species!
This time, add the bleeding function they can deliver a new breed with the pig each other was brought up in pairs!
Unusual pig is never seen until now may result in the birth! ?

It is also possible to be exhibited piglets got to auction
I wonder if your pig is sold for how much?

Grow the pig over the Tesio, trying fatten!
But, parting is sure to come ‥
Cute pig is the last shipment
It’s Sorya likely, because after all what’s pig.

“Pig farm MIX” free .
Anyone enjoy handy training game.

▼ owner in rank as rare pig can foster
Enough to ship the pig, it will raise the pig owners rank.
The beginning is not only able to stock a low rarity pig, pig high rarity as in rank also stock to be able to!
Development of high rarity pig is difficult but, jumps sales price when grown well.
Shipping more and more, we’ll give the owner rank!

▼ will Umidaso a lot of pig!
And the female pig and the male pig in pairs, now bleeding functions are available they can deliver the piglets of the new breed.
What piglet is born, you can look it up in the easy operation.
Raised pigs let more and more bleeding!
Unobtainable only bleeding pig also seems to have several ….

▼ hold sweat in hand “child pig hunt”!
You can challenge the child pig hunt in “Hunt ticket”.
Throw to hunt the piglets with a rope, we are able to stock a new pig. Also limited pigs that do not fall into the hands only in the hunt! ? .
In addition, you can hunt only rare pig “rare Hunt ticket” even, sure to hold sweat in hand!

▼ care is also very! ?
Eight in total bait. Even or have an unbalanced diet of pigs, do not eat only high feed pigs purchase or ….
If you do not properly not to eat the bait, because the rare pigs also become just a hybrid, well I have raised to take care.

▼ not to have to clean catastrophe! ?
Hun cleaning not be essential to the pig’s work. And let it I Sabo, the important pig is sick! !
Please give observe the pig to clean the beans.

▼ extensive training item!
To clean the droppings automatically become difficult to apply to “Funba” and sick “air conditioning”.
Piglet is born early in the bleeding “for the mother pig flooring” and,
Such as the “slow snail” the movement of the pig is slow in the hunt and get more items to help.
As you become proficient, with a wealth of items you will be able to develop efficient pig.

▼ pig picture book
Raised pigs is recorded in the “pig picture book”. Features and upbringing of pigs, such as details are recorded.
Picture book is all six volumes, has not been easy to see the type divided by the color at the time of piglets.
System diagram in the picture book also can be confirmed, it will help to bleeding.
I wonder if you can Comp all the pages! ?

▼ Compete nationwide owners!
You Kisoiae and pig owners who are in the country.
Most earns is the owner? The owner has shipped many? The owners are growing very well?
Ranking anxious will look immediately like. Wonder if you can become a top owner! ?




Android 4.2+