Meeerge 1.1.17 APK MOD

Meeerge 1.1.17 APK MOD Meeerge  –

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Meeerge 1.1.17 APK MOD

Screenshot of Meeerge

Meeerge APK MOD Download 1

A dangerous spell sealed in a drifting bottle took away the tribe’s divine artifact. In the process of recovering it, you’ll need the “Merge” magic passed down by generations of priests to aid your expedition to new lands and the daily maintenance of your tribe. Help your frantic yet optimistic tribal members rebuild their lost home, and meet potential allies and powerful heroes!

Fill your journey of saving your tribe with fun and surprises through merging objects into more powerful ones;
Recruit powerful heroes and demi-gods and break away from traditional Merge gameplays;
Protect your tribe from all kinds of threats while boosting the tribe’s production capacity;
Discover new lands in search of the artifact, gather resources, recruit new members to strengthen your tribe, and summon them with totems when you need their help;
Spread your beliefs across the new continent, and wake up the dormant forces lying deep in these ancient lands.
Start your adventure now!
Updated Content:
1. Secret Store
2. New Levels
3. New Chapter: Volcano Camp
4. New Tribal Members
5. Visual performance optimized
6. Detected bugs all fixed



Android 4.4+

얀데레 스트리머 1.0.4 APK MOD

얀데레 스트리머 1.0.3 APK MOD 얀데레 스트리머  –

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1.0.3 APK MOD

Screenshot of 얀데레 스트리머

얀데레 스트리머 APK MOD Download 1

얀데레 스트리머

소셜 네트워크 서비스
통칭 sns는 여러 사람들과 소통을 하라고 만든 서비스이다.
중학교때 우연히 시작한 스트리머 활동
스트리머 활동을 시작 후 계속 누군가의 시선을 받은것 같다!?…아닌가?
개발자 연락처 :
Yandere Streamer

social networking service
Commonly known as sns is a service created to communicate with many people.
A streamer activity started by accident in middle school
After starting the streamer activity, it seems that I’ve been receiving someone’s attention!?… is it not?
– 인앱 최신버전 적용



Android 4.4+

Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Dating Sim 1.1.2 APK MOD

Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Dating Sim 1.1.1 APK MOD Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Dating Sim  –

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Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Dating Sim 1.1.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Psycho Boyfriend – Otome Game Dating Sim

Psycho Boyfriend - Otome Game Dating Sim APK MOD Download 1

Dangerous? or Sweet?
Choice Otome Game Ikemen Yandere
Psycho Boyfriend

☆★ FREE 26 EPISODES with Full Voice ☆★

One day, I met boys who are the most popular in school.
While I was in pain because of bully from others.
They come closer to me at the same time.
Why do they talk to me? AND Do they fight because of me?!

▶️ Which one will be my boyfriend?

– Jin : who obsessed (Yandere) me
Should I call you naive…or stupid?

– Sean : who attentive (Sweet & Kind) me.
Yeah, you. Who else is here other than YOU?


There is a discount of 4,900 won until the translation is completed.
Also, you can keep the whole episode after translation is completed.

▶️ Game introduction
1. The Stories as the Main Character : Choose your boyfriend now.
1. Get your Event CG: The great images help you read a fun episode.
2. FULL VOICE from the Voice Actor: Voice actors make the game as real!
3. Enjoy Multi Ending: You can enjoy Multi Ending. Choose your decision!

* Official Twitter▶️
– ♥It’s Free every day.♥


Android 4.4+

iGun Pro 2 The Ultimate Gun Application 2.81 APK MOD

iGun Pro 2 – The Ultimate Gun Application 2.74 APK MOD iGun Pro 2 – The Ultimate Gun Application  –

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iGun Pro 2 – The Ultimate Gun Application 2.74 APK MOD

Screenshot of iGun Pro 2 – The Ultimate Gun Application

iGun Pro 2 - The Ultimate Gun Application APK MOD Download 1

Download the most realistic and comprehensive interactive gun encyclopedia ever created! Virtually fire the top weapons of the world and customize your weapons with attachments, camouflage patterns you can create, and entering those guns into global design contests. iGun Pro 2: The Ultimate Gun Application is a game truly worthy of the iGun Pro Franchise!

iGun Pro 2 has everything that made the original great and builds upon the core features by adding several exciting new gameplay elements for users to enjoy:


• Collect guns to build and upgrade your arsenal with a continually growing selection of firearms, including grenade launchers.

• Virtually load and fire your custom guns.

• Become the ultimate gunsmith, creating the perfect weapon with a flexible attachment system that allows attachment nesting

• Make each gun genuinely unique with a mobile-optimized, touch-friendly painting system with customizable colors, patterns and version slots that allow for unlimited designs. Create a realistic or creative pattern; it is your choice.

• Win fame and get your design on the home screen by competing in design contests against iGun Pro 2 users around the world

• Easily share your creations through text or social media

• High-quality graphics for ultra-realistic simulation

• Customize your guns and lay them out how you want to create the ultimate gun wall.

The app has an ever growing collection of guns witch includes, rifles, pistols, handguns, machine guns, pdw, and will soon feature revolvers and rocket launchers as well.

The App also works as a great reference app to your favorite 3rd party fps video games!

Additional Information

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:
-Bug Fixes and Improvements

Thanks for Playing!



Android 4.4+

Weapon Builder Simulator Free 1.7 APK MOD

Weapon Builder Simulator Free 1.6 APK MOD Weapon Builder Simulator Free  –

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Weapon Builder Simulator Free 1.6 APK MOD

Screenshot of Weapon Builder Simulator Free

Weapon Builder Simulator Free APK MOD Download 1

Weapon builder simulator is app that allow you to tune up weapons as you want!

From the popular military assault rifles to the police pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, sub-machine guns with unlimited ammo, realistic muzzle flashes and ejecting shells and functional attachments. Every single weapon is for free with all attachments unlocked. Contains many different camouflage accessories such as optics, lasers, lights, reflex sights, grenade launchers and much more! All guns are completely customizable! If you are in love with guns as we are you’ll experience an unforgettable experience! Airsoft fans will love this.

Unlimited Ammo
Super Slow motion
Shake phone to fire
✔ Selective fire
✔ Realistic smoke and muzzle flashes
✔ Realistic Sounds
✔ Functional grenade launcher
✔ Authentic Weapon Mechanics
✔ All screen supported
✔ Modern weapons
✔ Detailed HD & cool graphics
✔ Simulation shooting
We collected the best arms in the world


• AR M4A2 assault rifle
• AK 47 custom
• Smith & Wesson 327
• Saiga 12 full auto tactical shotgun
• Desert Eagle .50cal
• SCAR MK20 support sniper rifle
• SIG516 assault rifle
• Barrett .50cal anti-material sniper rifle
• Glock 19 German handgun
And much more…

Download the best weapon builder app for free now! Build weaponry on your own way! Share it with your friends!
version 1.6
– bug fix
– performance improvements



Android 4.4+

Cat Spa 1.4.2 APK MOD

Air Venture – Idle Airport Tycoon ✈️ 1.2 APK MOD Air Venture – Idle Airport Tycoon ✈️  –

(   )

Air Venture – Idle Airport Tycoon 1.2 APK MOD

🛬 Hello Boss! Are you ready to become a manager of an airport? 🛬

Air Venture is an idle airport tycoon game where you will:
✈️ HANDLE various aircrafts
🚕 UPGRADE vehicles and facilities
💼 BECOME A MANAGER and control passengers boarding process
👷 HIRE employees and provide the best service
💸 EARN money and increase prestige
🏗️ BUILD your dream airport
🌐 NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEEDED – just play wherever you are
🎮 AIRPORT MANAGER GAME – handle aircrafts and fly!
📈 REAL IDLE GAME – incremental mechanics will give you constant progress

Discover your inner manager!
Build and manage your own airport! Handle aircrafts, control boarding processes, earn money and upgrade your stuff. Become a billionaire and reach 5 prestige stars! That is your own venture with idle progress!

Handle aircrafts in time!
Create the best organized airport with a perfect flow. Control work of the air control tower, apron, vehicles and handle aircrafts on time! Create the world’s most punctual airport!

Keep passengers happy!
Manage the boarding process to satisfy passengers and provide perfect service! Balance the work of taxis, check-in, security control and boarding sections to keep people moving smoothly through the terminal.

Become an inventor!
Develop technologies, upgrade boosters and make your handling facilities working more efficient. Increase capabilities of fuel tankers, baggage carts, air control tower and parking! All upgrades are based on incremental mechanics so you will keep constant progress.

• Intuitive gameplay with idle game mechanics – very challenging!
• 5 different aircrafts classes: local, business, domestic, international & intercontinental!
• 10 different aircrafts to handle – two for each prestige level!
• Tens of technologies to develop and upgrade!
• Many exciting quests to complete!
• Offline idle game – no internet connection needed!
• Become a manager – take full control of your business!

Unique incremental mechanics let you play with your own style and grow. Manage and invest in your business like never before! Be a pioneer venture into little-known waters!

If you like idle tycoon games with incremental progress, Air Venture – Idle Airport Tycoon is for you! This is possibly the best airport manager game in the world!

Want to help us with translating Air Venture into other languages? Please write us to studio [at]

What’s new in Air Venture – idle airport tycoon v 1.1.7:
★ Completely new airport! Welcome to the tropical city of LAS PALMAS! 🌴
★ 2 new managers – hire them to get help with most demanding tasks 💼
★ User Interface support for tablets 💻
★ Game performance optimization 📈
★ Balance & economy changes 💰
★ Gameplay improvements 🎮
★ Bugfixes 🐛
★ Fixed second airport clog
★ Display list of global boosters
★ Continuous upgrade when holding the button
★ Take Off click is no longer required


Android 7.0+

Cat Spa 1.37.1 APK MOD

Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole 1.14.0 APK MOD Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole  –

( #ThorncliffeParkPublicSchool #TiananmenSquare #Titanic #Titans #TitanUp #tlmep #tomlangdon #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TroyDeeney #Trubisky #TvitırrGetAçıldı #TWICE_StephenColbert #TyreekHill #VictoriaPolice #Vikings #Vincent #WEGOTYOUGOT7 #Willian #WLeague #WorstRelationship #WTF1 #Xhaka  #TheWheel #Titans #TOBI #Turtles #Tyson #TysonJones #TysonJonesJr #tysonvsjones #UFCVegas15 #Usyk #Vanderbilt #Virgínia #Ward-Prowse #Warner #WBASHU #WhoCreatedNature #Whyte #Wilder #WizKhalifa l  )

Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole 1.14.0 APK MOD

The sequel to the hit indie “Tap Tap Fish — Abyssrium”, this game brings the same lovably gameplay to a new, arctic world. Easy to start and simple to play, you can build your own polar aquarium with just a quick tap!

Set on a lonely iceberg in the arctic sea, this game allows you to experience the peaceful calm of the arctic ocean. Polar bears, arctic foxes, sea lions and more adorable animals await you on land, while hundreds of deep sea fish are discoverable in the deep sea. Each animal is carefully designed by our artists in a beautiful low poly style that we’re sure you’ll love.

How to play?
Level up your lonely Iceberg by tapping
Add decorations to speed up your taps.
Use hearts to create your fish and animals.

1. Simple Control—- create coral and fish with just a simple tap
2. Amazing graphics— beautiful low-poly graphics viewable in full 3D HD
3. Lovely background music—- The voice of the whale & the delicate sound of water droplets all guide you to a calm, ASMR world.
4. Social friendly — easily share your awesome creations to your friends over social media

Follow and contact us
If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please contact [email protected]
We will do our best to respond to your valuable opinion

Smartphone App Access Authorization

▶Access Authorization
Requesting access authorization to provide the following services:

[Mandatory Access Authorization]

[Optional Access Authorization]
-Storage Space: Used to save game execution related files and screenshots.

※ Users are not required to allow optional access authorization. However, this will restrict access to related features.
※ Optional access authorization is not available for versions prior to Android 6.0. Upgrading to version 6.0 or later is recommended.
※ Some apps may not offer optional access authorization.

▶Revoking App Permissions
Users can reset or revoke permissions after granting access.

[OS 6.0 or Later]
Settings > Manage Applications > Select App > Permissions > Grant/Revoke Permission

[Versions Prior to OS 6.0]
Upgrade OS and revoke permissions, or delete the app.

Privacy Policy:
Add Santa Express Gift Box Event.
-You can get Christmas-limited BGM as a final reward.
Add Christmas decoration point event.
-By crafting specific Christmas decorations, you can collect decoration points and get corresponding staged rewards.
Add 13 kinds animal friends who’re from White Christmas Town.
Add farm materials as off-line bonus.
-There is a separate maximum amount of farm materials bonus.
Add Welsh Corgi Special Package, Alpaca Package, and Squirrel Package.



Android 6.0+

Cat Spa 1.4.7 APK MOD

Hellper: Idle Underworld Fantasy 1.0.10 APK MOD Hellper: Idle Underworld Fantasy  –

(   )

Hellper Idle Underworld Fantasy 1.0.10 APK MOD

2021’s hot idle RPG game!
Why not join our discord channel and share quality time among Hellper fans~~!!
Official Discord:

Meet Naver’s V-ery popular webtoon “Hellper” in action!
Be part of this RPG game played by Killberos’ president Jang Gwangnam!
This sensational action fantasy adventure awaits you in the underworld.
Idle leveling up + automatic fighting
The action you saw in the webtoon, why not be part of it yourself?

[Game introduction]
A strange adventure with out favorite character Jang Gwangnam!

-Original clicker game
-Easy to operate and fast paced gameplay
-Defeat the Deads by touching the screen
-Unique and diverse characters inspired by a brilliant webtoon
-Collect and upgrade over 300 weapons
-Compete with other users in the PvP mode
-Over 8000 stages and various dungeons awaits you

Required access guidline

1. Allow access to device photos, media, and files.
-This permission is required to save the files required to run the game on your device.
“-Access to pictures, media, and files on your device includes permissions to use storage,
if this permission is not permitted, information required to run the game cannot be read.”

2. Mobile phone status and ID
-Required for ‘User Account Creation and Verification’.

How to revoke access rights
-Android 6.0 or higher: Phone Settings> Application> Select app> Permissions> Select consent or withdraw access rights
-Under Android 6.0: Because it is impossible to withdraw due to the nature of the operating system, it can be withdrawn by deleting the app

Developer Contact:
#A-928 Indeogwon IT Valley, 40, Imi-ro, Uiwang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 16006
[email protected]
– 채팅창 스크롤 오류 수정



Android 4.4+

Cat Spa 1.4.5 APK MOD

Rivals at War: 2084 1.4.4 APK MOD Rivals at War: 2084  –

( )

Rivals at War 2084 1.4.4 APK MOD

Screenshot of Rivals at War: 2084

Rivals at War: 2084 APK MOD Download 1

The year is 2084 and the galaxy is in chaos. Humanity has discovered alien technology allowing space travel between the planets, opening up the universe for exploration and conquest.

Forces around the solar system battle for supremacy, but one leader must rise up to unite the galaxy against all intergalactic invaders. Welcome to the ultimate sci-fi adventure, Rivals at War: 2084.

TRAIN an elite team of space marines. EQUIP these soldiers with weapons, helmets and armor for epic battles. ATTACK rival teams from around the solar system. CONQUER the galaxy, one planet at a time. FIGHT for victory and rule the universe!

* Star Map Story Mode – plot your conquest of the galaxy across 75 different planets.
* Rivals Mode – challenge your Facebook friends and go to war in head-to-head combat
* Daily Campaigns – crush the competition across three different skill levels to win rewards and prizes
* Strategy and tactics – select powerful tactic cards to influence each battle and overcome your opponents
* Player Achievements – progress through the game by completing over 45 special achievements

RAW: 2084 has full resolution support for tablets and large screen phones!
Minor fixes and improvements


Android 4.1+

Cat Spa 1.06 APK MOD

Idle Mastermind 1.02 APK MOD Idle Mastermind  –

(   )

Idle Mastermind 1.02 APK MOD

Screenshot of Idle Mastermind

Idle Mastermind APK MOD Download 1

Ever wanted to be the villain? To build a lair? Hire henchmen? Fight superheroes? Concoct dastardly plans? Raid a city? Or… take over the world?

No? What, really? Sure you do!

Idle Mastermind, from the makers of Idle Apocalypse, is the best supervillain simulator of 2020! Play as three supervillains. The techy but tiny: Dr DOS. The gangster crime boss: Yara. Or the unpredictable: LOL. Each has their own evil grand plan.

Build a lair to run your empire from. Hire a bunch of evil henchmen to do your bidding. Raid the city above to gain precious resources. Unlock new research and skills to improve your criminal, idle empire.

When you’re ready, execute your evil plan and bring about the apocalypse!

Play as 3 distinct villains, each with:
+ A unique lair with special floors and henchmen.
+ Different strategies, skills and stories.
+ Unique resource management styles.

Build your dream lair:
+ 30 unique floors.
+ Floors that will generate resources while offline.
+ Special floors with unique gameplay elements.

Hire an army of evil thugs:
+ 20+ henchmen.
+ Different classes, abilities.
+ Unique resource management gameplay.

On top of that it has all the humour and inane chatter of a Grumpy Rhino game. The makers of Idle Apocalypse.

Lovers of simulation games and incremental clickers won’t be able to put down this dastardly, near criminal RPG.
+ Added “World of Tomorrow!” theme. This theme turns the city into a futuristic metropolis. It also increases Producer Capacity by +30%.
+ Increased the overall damage of Ibis, Killbot and Snuggles.
+ Increased the damage for Tommy, Scrapper, Boa, Shark Tooth and Slug at low levels. (Their first 3 levels)
+ Added borders to the outskirts of the map to make the game more attractive to those playing on wider screens.
+ Fixed a bug with Card Sharp where he gave the wrong amount of valuables.



Android 4.4+