Бегать слова – бесплатная игра с набором текста 1.251 APK MOD

Бегать слова – бесплатная игра с набором текста 1.251 APK MOD Бегать слова – бесплатная игра с набором текста  –

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– 1.251 APK MOD

Быстро ли вы печатаете?Можете ли вы точно и быстро ввести информацию,которую хотите выразить?Бегать слова может не только тренировать ваш набор текстс,но и скорость мозга,когда быстро печатаете,что делает ввод информации быстрее и точнее. стартовой линии с другими игроками и наснете гонку после 3 секунды.

Как играть:
– В начале игры вы будете стоять на одной стартовой линии с другими игроками и наснете гонку после 3 секунды
– У каждого игрока есть своя текстовая дорожка, и вам нужно включить клавиатуру, чтобы ввести текст на дорожке.
– Чем быстрее вы печатаете,тем быстрее бежите,тем точнее набираете слова,тем выше балл.Вы получите КОМБО, если продолжите печатать правильно.
– Когда вы доберетесь до места назначения, игра остановится и счет будет установлен.
– Кроме того, в режиме таблицы лидеров вам также будут учитываться ваш рейтинг, оценка и точность в последней игре.

Особенности игры:
– Тренируйте зрение и скорость набора текста
-Поддержка всех клавиатур
-Игры, в которые можно играть без сети
-Вы можете играть в одиночку или соревноваться с друзьями
-Легко играть, пока вы можете печатать
-Простой фон и понятные функции
-Поддержка нескольких устройств, таких как мобильный телефон и планшетный компьютер
-Может эффективно улучшить скорость текстового сообщения
-Убей время и освободи от работы 
-Загрузите сейчас бесплатно!

Быстрый набор текста – ключ к успеху в играх с набором текста, а быстрый набор текста также улучшит ваши навыки быстрого письма. Бегать слова предназначен для всех, кто любит печатать и хочет улучшить свои навыки набора текста! Готовы ли вы к сверхбыстрой печати?
Are you fast typing? Can you accurately and quickly enter the information you want to express? Running words can not only train your typing, but also your brain speed when typing quickly, which makes entering information faster and more accurate. start line with other players and start the race after 3 seconds.

How to play:
– At the beginning of the game, you will be on the same starting line with other players and will start a race after 3 seconds
– Each player has their own text track and you need to turn on the keyboard to enter text on the track.
– The faster you type, the faster you run, the more accurately you type words, the higher the score. You will get a COMBO if you continue to type correctly.
– When you reach your destination, the game will stop and the score will be set.
– In addition, the leaderboard mode will also take into account your rating, score and accuracy in the last game.

Game features:
– Train your eyesight and typing speed
-Support for all keyboards
-Games that can be played offline
-You can play alone or compete with friends
-Easy to play while you can type
-Simple background and clear functions
-Support for multiple devices such as mobile phone and tablet computer
-Can improve text message speed effectively
-Kill your time and free you from work
- now for free!

Typing fast is the key to success in typing games, and typing quickly will also improve your quick writing skills. Word Run is designed for everyone who loves typing and wants to improve their typing skills! Are you ready for super fast printing?



Android 4.4+

Scrolling Words Moving Word Game & Find Words APK MOD

Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game & Find Words APK MOD Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game & Find Words  –

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Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game Find Words APK MOD

Scrolling Words is a new kind of word game. It is an incredible brain challenging innovation of crossword puzzle game. Easy to play and makes learning fun.

Unlike other word games, the great challenge for you in Scrolling Words is to find all target words of the same category from scrolling letters. Countdown and the scrolling speed also increase your challenge difficulty.

Can’t wait to challenge?
this new word game and start your quest now!


► Search words from scrolling letters.

► Swipe all associated target words before time runs out.

► You can get a clue from the particular topic of each level.

► Use HINT to find the initials of the words.

► Use FREEZE to slow down the scrolling speed.

► Featured DAILY PUZZLE for you. Start your daily challenge to gain energy.

► If you think you are a word expert, just try CRAZY CHALLENGE mode and see how many words you can find in a limited time.

► Change THEMES and SCENERY to refresh your eyes.

This is a word game which is harder than it looks. More than 1000 levels are waiting for you. How far can you go?
Performance and UI optimization.
Now the game is running faster, enjoy it 🙂



Android 4.4+

Word Search Inspiration 21.0225.00 APK MOD

Word Search Inspiration 21.0201.00 APK MOD Word Search Inspiration  –

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Word Search Inspiration 21.0201.00 APK MOD

If you love to find words, try word search games designed to help relieve stress and bring serenity to your day. Word Search Inspiration is a great way to relax while improving your mind. Every puzzle you complete will help you find inspiration and encourage you to relax!

Breathe deep and listen to the soft music that accompanies the puzzles, set against beautiful scenery. Relax. Find words. Solve puzzles. Refresh your mind. Take each puzzle one step at a time, and confidently overcome each challenge in the game. You’ve got this!

•Swipe up, down, left, right or diagonally across the board!
•Each puzzle has a clue to which all words are related. Use it to find words!

• Easy to play games
• Unique puzzles to help you relax & refresh!
• Beautiful graphics & relaxing sounds

• Word Search Inspiration contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
• Word Search Inspiration puzzles are free to play, but you can purchase In-app items like AD FREE and Hints.
• Word Search Inspiration is optimized for tablets or phones.

• Privacy Policy: https://www.bitmango.com/privacy-policy/
• Terms of Service: https://www.bitmango.com/terms-of-service/

[email protected]

The best way to relax & refresh with word search games & puzzles! Inspiration & serenity await!
21.0201.00 Update Note :
Bug fixes
– Minor Bug fixed
Performance improvements
Have Fun & Enjoy!



Android 4.4+

漢字クイズ: 漢字ケシマスのレジャーゲーム、四字熟語消し、無料パズルオフラインゲーム 1.9105 APK MOD

漢字クイズ: 漢字ケシマスのレジャーゲーム、四字熟語消し、無料パズルオフラインゲーム 1.9105 APK MOD 漢字クイズ: 漢字ケシマスのレジャーゲーム、四字熟語消し、無料パズルオフラインゲーム  –

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1.9105 APK MOD







2021 Super funny brain training Kanji Keshimakuisu word game is here! It’s different from idiom erasing and four-character idiom cross, but this is mainly for kanji, test your vocabulary and aim to clear all stages!

“Kanji quiz” is a word game that erases the kanji block by finding the kanji from the stacked blocks, completing the word, and entering the reading kana corresponding to the word. In other words, it is Kanji Keshimasu. This is a brain training word quiz that matches kanji and games. It makes me happy if I can erase words and compound words, and it is a kanji keshimasu game that makes my head refreshed when I clear all of them. You can improve your vocabulary and idiom puzzle squeal, and relax! Challenge yourself now and enjoy the word quiz!

Tap the kanji square on the 4 * 4 board to complete the word, enter the reading kana corresponding to that word or idiom (how to play kanji keshimasu), and finally tap the “GO” button for judgment. Judge by that. If the judgment is correct, the selected square will be erased and the upper square will drop. Pay attention to the countdown on the upper right, and erase all the kanji cells within the limited time to clear it! It’s also an idiom puzzle! We have prepared 3 types of difficulty for the game: beginner, intermediate and advanced! Advanced is the most difficult level! Chips: You can switch to another kana by pressing and holding the kana button!

Train your brain by improving your vocabulary and idiom puzzle squeal! It is possible to enjoy “Kanji Quiz” and “Kana Kana Clear” anytime and anywhere in an offline game! The rules are simple, but vocabulary stacking is essential! Let’s call a friend who likes kanji and try to erase words together!

how to play:
-4 * 4 Tap the kanji square on the board to complete the word
-Enter the reading kana that the word corresponds to in the box below
-Judgment by tapping the “GO” button of judgment
-A word consists of one kanji or many kanji
-Watch out for the countdown in the upper right
-If you get stuck, don’t forget to use the free tips

Game features:
-Concise screen style: The game screen is a style consisting of concise lines. Eye-friendly color matching design.
-Easy operation: Tap the kanji square to complete the word, enter the corresponding reading kana, and tap the “GO” button to erase the kanji square. With easy-to-understand rules, you can get used to it in just a few minutes.
-Large Lexicon: Many stages and difficulty-based modes. For those of you with high vocabulary, erasing words and idioms will be easy!
-No internet connection required: Don’t worry about internet connection abnormalities! A game that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere! An absolutely indispensable word game on the way to school or work!

What happens when a word meets a game and a kanji meets a square eraser? Immediately wordplay games such as “Kanji Quiz” and “Kana Kana Clear”, which are games that balance time killing and word accumulation, enjoy word erasing, and experience the charm of Chinese characters in Japanese! Share with Friends and start the word quiz! We also recommend clearing a game similar to that!



Android 4.4+

Тылы Таай 2.1 APK MOD

Тылы Таай 2.1 APK MOD Тылы Таай  –

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Түөрт хаартысканы ситимнээн тылы таай!
Доҕотторгун кытары тэҥҥэ оонньоо уонна толкуйдаа!

Сахалыы оонньуу!
Tүөrt haartiskany city front rear tai!
Doҕottorgun kytary teҥҥe oonnooo wonna tolkuydaa!

Sakhalyy onnyuu!



Android 4.4+

Słowotok 2.0.19 APK MOD

Słowotok 2.0.19 APK MOD Słowotok  –

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Sowotok 2.0.19 APK MOD

Słowotok to wysoko uzależniająca gra słowna, rozgrywana na planszy składającej się z 16 pól oznaczonych literami. Zadaniem gracza jest ułożyć w zadanym czasie jak najwięcej słów ze stykających się na planszy liter. Im dłuższe słowo odnajdzie gracz, tym większą ilością puntów zostanie nagrodzony. Wygrywa ten gracz, który w danej rundzie zbierze najwięcej punktów.
WordCap is a highly addictive word game played on a board consisting of 16 fields marked with letters. The player is placed in a given time as many touching words from the letters on the board. The longer the word finds a player, the more puntów will be rewarded. The winner is the player who collects the most current round points.
Aktualizacja komponentów aplikacji



Android 5.0+

4 Plaatjes 1 Woord 60.6.4 APK MOD

4 Plaatjes 1 Woord 60.5.3 APK MOD 4 Plaatjes 1 Woord  –

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4 Plaatjes 1 Woord 60.5.3 APK MOD

4 plaatjes die 1 woord omschrijven – welk woord is dat?
Ontdek waarom iedereen dit spel leuk vindt en SPEEL OOK MEE!

Speciaal voor jou ontwikkelde Nederlandse puzzels!

Lukt het jou alle woorden te raden en alle nieuwe levels vrij te spelen? Talloze makkelijke en lastige puzzels liggen op jou te wachten!

Geen registratie, geen ingewikkelde regels. Begin direct met spelen en ervaar het plezier!

Wat is het woord? Bekijk de vier plaatjes, ontdek wat de overeenkomst is en win!

Er zijn wereldwijd meer dan 250.000.000 mensen in 9 talen die 4 Plaatjes 1 Woord spelen. Doe ook mee!
4 pictures that describe 1 word – which word is that?
Find out why everyone likes this game and PLAY ALSO!

Dutch puzzles developed especially for you!

Can you guess all the words and unlock all the new levels? Countless easy and tricky puzzles await you!

No registration, no complicated rules. Start playing immediately and experience the fun!

What is the word? View the four pictures, find out what the deal is and win!

There are more than 250,000,000 people in 9 languages ​​worldwide who play 4 Pictures 1 Word. Join in too!



Android 5.0+

Pro des Mots 4.224.189 APK MOD

Pro des Mots 4.224.189 APK MOD Pro des Mots  –

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Pro des Mots 4.224.189 APK MOD

Vous aimez mettre votre sens de la logique et votre vocabulaire à l’épreuve ? Alors TÉLÉCHARGEZ « Pro des mots » pour vous remuer les méninges GRATUITEMENT !

Les règles du jeu sont simples : Faites glisser les blocs de lettres pour former des mots et gagner des écus ! TÉLÉCHARGEZ « Pro des mots » sans attendre pour commencer à réveiller votre cerveau et devenir un crack du vocabulaire !

Qu’est-ce qui rend « Pro des mots » si spécial ?

• Gameplay simple, facile et addictif
• Des centaines de niveaux n’attendent que vous !
• 8804 niveaux au total vous attendent !
• Vous n’appréciez guère la pression du chronomètre ? Les niveaux de ce jeu ne sont pas limités en temps, vous pourrez ainsi résoudre les énigmes à votre propre rythme !
• Retrouvez les blocs de bois de votre enfance !
• Des mots bonus cachés n’attendent que vous pour être découverts !
• Entièrement jouable localement, les problèmes de wifi sont de l’histoire ancienne !
• Jouable sur téléphone et tablettes

« Pro des mots » est une app conçue pour entraîner votre cerveau et vous enseigner de nouveaux mots en vous amusant. Partagez « Pro des mots » avec votre famille et vos amis !
Do you like to put your sense of logic and your vocabulary to the test? Then DOWNLOAD “Word Pro” to brainstorm for FREE!

The rules of the game are simple: Slide the blocks of letters to form words and earn coins! DOWNLOAD “Word Pro” now to start waking up your brain and become a vocabulary cracker!

What makes “Word Pro” so special?

• Simple, easy and addicting gameplay
• Hundreds of levels are waiting for you!
• 8,804 levels in total await!
• Don’t you like the pressure of the stopwatch? The levels of this game are not limited in time, so you can solve the puzzles at your own pace!
• Find the wooden blocks from your childhood!
• Hidden bonus words are waiting for you to be discovered!
• Fully playable locally, wifi problems are a thing of the past!
• Playable on phone and tablets

Word Builder is an app designed to train your brain and teach you new words while having fun. Share “Word Pro” with your family and friends!
Joyeuse Saint-Valentin avec une nouvelle mise à jour pour Pro des Mots !

1. L’activité de Saint-Valentin est arrivée ! Du 8 au 14 Février :
– Préparez votre Dîner Romantique et gagnez des récompenses !
– Ne ratez pas le pack exclusif d’activité !

2. 200 nouveaux niveaux ajoutés !
3. Performances optimisées !

Merci de votre soutien et bon amusement !



Android 4.4+

Word Forest Free Word Games Puzzle 1.020 APK MOD

Word Forest – Free Word Games Puzzle 1.019 APK MOD Word Forest – Free Word Games Puzzle  –

(   )

Word Forest – Free Word Games Puzzle 1.019 APK MOD

the best word games Free in Word Forest – Free Word Games Puzzle!

Word Forest has exciting word games for Free Word Nerds! Word Forest starts as an easy word game and gets harder as you level up!

=== Enjoy Word Forest Gameplay! ===
– Connect letters in any direction to form the hidden word matches!
– Find as many words as possible to level up and earn bonus rewards!
-Earn Acorns to plant trees and attract animals to your campsite!
– Fill in every word block jumbles! Earn bonus coins when you discover hidden words!
– Can’t figure out the word jumble? Use coins to get a hint and win the level!

=== Features ===
– Daily bonus coins for free hints!
– Daily Challenge gives you more free word games, more free bonus coins and more Fun Every Day!
– Over 2000+ Levels to play word games free!
– Free 500 coins at the first word game login.
– Set up your campsite, plant acorns and watch your trees grow!
– Animals of the forest come to visit your campsite! Can you find them all?
– Easy to play and difficulty increases as you go!
– Play Offline or Online – anytime, anywhere.
– Word Forest is the best free word game!
– For word games free single player mode, Word Forest Word Game Now!

Get Word Forest for the best word games free for word game fans, word search addicts, and more!
Play word games now in Word Forest – it’s so addictive!

The prizes in this word game are not exchangeable for real-world money or prizes. Having an issue with these free word games for android? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected] Thanks!
Word Forest is the best! Better than the rest! Word Forest!



Android 5.0+

Letterpress – Word Game 5.5.1 APK MOD

Letterpress – Word Game 5.5.1 APK MOD Letterpress – Word Game  –

(   )

Letterpress Word Game 5.5.1 APK MOD

If you enjoy 2-player word games then you will love Letterpress.

This Apple award winning word puzzle game has finally come to Android. Play opponents on Android, iPhone, iPad or Mac. Access your free player account across any of these devices simultaneously.

Letterpress is loved for its intuitive play and beautiful design. Players take turns spelling words to capture the board. Player with the most points wins!

Elegant design with robust features

⭐ PLAY at your own pace. Notifications signal your turn.

⭐ ALWAYS FREE and full-featured word puzzles.

⭐ COMPETE against friends, let us find you an opponent or challenge one of our Bot players.

⭐ CHAT in real-time with other players.

⭐ TRACK your play with Statistics and Leaderboards.

⭐ DICTIONARIES powers real-time definitions.

⭐ GROUP PLAY enables friends to play Letterpress within custom groups (no outsiders) enjoying group-level Statistics, Leaderboards and more great features!

⭐ Many more features and free customizations available.

Rave reviews

“Letterpress combines the fun of Boggle with Risk. It’s a great two-player app for word game fans.” — Macworld

“The interface is packed with delightful interaction elements at every turn.” — The Next Web

“It’s quickly become one of my favorite games on iOS.” — MacStories

“Letterpress is a painfully addictive word game, earning its place on my home screen and sure to win the hearts of people in bathrooms everywhere.” — iMore

“Simple and Awesome.” — Touch Arcade


For free support and answers to frequently asked questions, head over to http://www.letterpressapp.com/support.html. Follow us on Twitter @LetterpressApp. Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Letterpress. Play everywhere!

Letterpress is a free puzzle app built in the USA by the team at Solebon LLC, developers of 2048, Solitaire, Klondike, Spider, FreeCell and Letterpress.
Performance improvements and bug fixes.



Android 4.4+