Craftsmith 1.6.1 APK MOD

September 11, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Expand your workshop as you hire Workers, increase their Training, upgrade Tools and complete Research. Gather materials and craft objects in this idle crafting game.

Workers – Automate production and increase the amount produced.
Training – Decrease the time required to craft objects.
Tools – Tap objects to speed up production. Increases chance to produce extra.
Research – Earn increased experience from crafting.
Equipment – Automatically tap objects over time.

Additional features
Goals – Complete goals to earn premium currency.
Talents – Earn exp to level up your profession and unlock powerful upgrades.
Prestige – Restart your profession to earn bonus exp and keep all unlocked talents.
Storehouse – Contribute additional materials and objects to increase the max stash size.
Expertise – Improve your stats the more you complete a task.

Woodworking – Gather wood to craft arrows and bows.
Blacksmithing – Coming soon!
Gemcrafting – Coming soon!
Added 11 new Quests.
Adjusted formulas for calculating Quest objectives.
Reduced objectives for higher rarity quests.
Adjusted the chance for several Quests to spawn.
Added a new Goal to complete Quests.
Quest progress now tracks while offline.
Completing a Quest will no longer randomly generate the same quest.
Added a timer on the Shop button that displays the time remaining on a Boost.
Various bug fixes.