CyberGhost Immunizer

CyberGhost Immunizer

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CyberGhost Immunizer

CyberGhost Immunizer

CyberGhost Immunizer is very essential parts of Petya and it thinking about your system that is infected with unwanted files or virus.

First you need to download from our website, download link are below, after download the file now you need to install this tool. installation process is very simple, Simply click on PetyaImmunizer.exe downloaded file, when you click .exe extension file, a popup message will appear on you computer screen.

This tool is awesome and easy to use, This is portable application, This tool will deleted unwanted files when you click on “run” option, however the procedure of uninstallation the unwanted files is not so simple. You need to go the Windows directory option, after go on windows directory option, now you can delete the perfc.dat, perfc and perfc.dll extension files. You need to keep in mind that if you dont know about this tool or you are not comfortable with deleting files then i will suggest you that don’t use this tool because this is not for you.

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  • Spread like wildfire
  • Essential parts of petya
  • One way to set-it-and-forget-it
  • Installation process is very simple and easy
  • Portable app
  • Thinking about your system that is infected
  • Software is awesome and easy to use
  • Free

Author of this Application / Software is Cyberghost, 57 KB size of CyberGhost Immunizer Application / Software, This is latest version of software / application which is, License is Freeware that’s requires Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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