Find The Differences – Clue Hunter APK MOD

Find The Differences – Clue Hunter APK MOD Find The Differences – Clue Hunter  –

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Find The Differences – Clue Hunter APK MOD

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Find The Differences – Clue Hunter is a free puzzle game also known as “Spot the difference” where you have to find five differences between two images otherwise identical.

Challenge your eyesight. This is a classic finding difference game. The game contains a large number of exquisite illustrations. The design of the illustrations includes themes such as home scenes, architectural design, beauty illustrations, couples’ daily lives, etc. All illustrations come from The designer’s hand-painted works are very lively and interesting. The game focuses on details and trains your brain and eyesight. Find the difference between the two pictures.

With this addictive and hilarious game, you will have non-stop fun inside trying to find out what happens next! Who knows, you might even be compelled to make a video out of it for the internet! Find the Difference.

They seek your help to discover the strong clues against their partners and to bring justice to them in this storyline game. In these secret games, every love crime involves a love criminal like husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or maybe parents want to check out on their children. So as a phantom detective, you need to solve every love criminal case.

Every investigation story will consist of five love crime scenes in this interactive mystery game. Every crime scene has 3 hidden objects. So you need to notice what’s the difference between two amazing pictures in the clue games, find 3 differences, and complete the missing part of the evidence. There will be two best detectives to solve the love riddles in this interactive mystery game. The object adventure game demands your active observation skills to find the evidence hidden in the scenes. Discover different case-related objects to find the cheater with the best brain game. Spot the differences and find the evidence against the cheater.

Stop wasting your time on games that are not beneficial for your mind!
With Find The Differences – Clue Hunter Game Picture you are doing both: having fun and training your brain to focus better & think thoroughly.
Start the brain-teasing journey in this amazing spot-the-difference puzzles & picture difference game!
First release


Android 5.0+

Auto Hero Auto-fire platformer APK MOD

Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer APK MOD Auto Hero: Auto-fire platformer  –

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Auto Hero Auto-fire platformer APK MOD

This game provides you a whole new way of controlling and shooting.
All the fun of an action-adventure game and shoot em up game is still there.

Grab your guns and fight back.
Protect your home and your land from invaders.
They came from nowhere and no one knows how they are armed with heavy armor and weapons.

Be prepared!
This is a tough mission, but don’t worry! You’re not alone!
Assemble your squad of heavy metal soldiers and fight with them.

Top Features:
Modern auto shooting gameplay + cyber art theme and story.
Side-scrolling gunman with tons of action.
Epic battle against 100+ types of enemy and bosses.
150+ rounds with 7 chapters until you take back the Earth.
140+ guns and many more to come in the next update.
Role-play in different heroes, such as Archer, Bomber, Gunman, Sniper, Metal soldier, Robot, Spaceship, Ninja, Panda with laser beams.

This is a true platformer with modern gameplay and art.

Gear-up and shoot them to death now!
New feature:
– Talent Upgrade: You permanently increase your gun power
– Equipment Fuse: Increase your favorite equipment power
– New Hero
– New Weapon: Loop Gun
New World to explore!


Android 5.0+

Bear’s Restaurant Mod 2.1.29 APK MOD

Block Puzzle 2021: Jewel Brick Puzzle 2.1.25 APK MOD Block Puzzle 2021: Jewel Brick Puzzle  –

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Block Puzzle 2021 Jewel Brick Puzzle 2.1.25 APK MOD

The goal is to drag and drop block shapes in order to form full lines and destroy full lines of gems on the screen both vertically and horizontally as much as possible each turn.

Block Puzzle 2021: Blockie – New Jewel Puzzle – A 3D mazing, coloring classic block puzzle, is suitable for all ages: kids, teenagers, and adults at leisure time help to release stress.

Blockie – Block Puzzle 2021 is a free puzzle game that doesn’t need too much time effort, it’s fun and addictive with beautifully crafted graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay!

– Beautiful graphics, animation, and interesting gameplay
– Online & global leader board using Facebook
– Play and compete vs friends and all other great gamers
– Lightweight, this game can play on any smartphones
– 100% FREE to play!
– No subscription!
– It can play both offline or online. With or without wifi, the internet.

Download Blockie – Block Puzzle 2021 now. Play for fun, conquer the world leader board and train the brain every day!
– Improve game performance
– Improve game UI
– Small bug fixes



Android 4.2+