Lie Detector Simulator 1.2.1 APK MOD

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Lie Detector Simulator 1.2.1 APK MOD

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Youre not sure the friends are telling the truth? Make others believe you being able to distinguish between truth and lies. Prank others with the Lie Detector Simulator simulating the fingerprint, voice or face scanner to detect a lie. Download the app. Ask the friends to put a finger on the fingerprint scanner, or say answer, or look at the camera phone. Ask a questions and see on the screen. Friends will be shocked as soon as they see the answers results. Play and find out what others think. Game of a spies and detectives using the Lie Detector Simulator.
Remember, the Lie Detector Simulator app is a joke and fun game. It isnt a real polygraph or fingerprint scanner. Dont take the scan results seriously.



Android 4.1+