Skillful Pixel Dungeon 0.5.1 APK MOD

Skillful Pixel Dungeon 0.5.0 APK MOD Skillful Pixel Dungeon  –

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Skillful Pixel Dungeon 0.5.0 APK MOD

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A roguelike RPG game with 4 classes, 25 levels and 5 unique bosses.

Each class has 6 unique passive skills and 3 unique active skills.

SPD is now on GitHub:

Fight your way through the dungeon and defeat mobs and their champions. Use a wide variety of weapons, armor, wands and potions.

Capture the essence of mobs and use them as servants!

More than 40 skills, 4 classes, 4 types of champions and 5 types of mercenaries.

Play the campaign and follow a unique story line.

Join the discord to discuss ideas:
– Aimed shot attack skill bonus increased.
– Awareness and Kneeshot skills % reduced.
– Soul blade skills require weapon level.
– Weapon drop chances reworked.
– Champs loot chance now depends on difficulty.
– Gold shows when buying items.
– Fixed spark not having cool down.



Android 4.0+