Idle Defence Arena 2.28.3 APK MOD

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Idle Defence Arena 2.28.3 APK MOD

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▣ Game Description ▣

[IDA – Idle Defence Arena] Enjoy the final evolution version unattended RPG tower defense.

■ The fully evolved Idle RPG

Stressed out? Overwhelmed by modern life? Then look no further! This Idle RPG activates all unit skills without any need for player input! 10 minutes a day is all you need to become a mighty Darklord!

■ The cutest of characters!

High quality character illustrations to stimulate your collector instinct

■ Use diverse strategies to clear dungeons

Tired of the endless, boring grind of dungeon quests? Roguelike dungeon crawling lets you clear dungeons your way.

■ No Stamina! No Stress!

Play whenever you want for however long you want! A simple, easy, and fun game for all to enjoy!

■ Intuitive and Challenging Combat

Develop your strategies around 6 deployable monsters and 9 facilities as you immerse yourself into the game. Exhilarating, action-packed battles are at your fingertips.
1. Add stage
2. Added Guild Dungeon Stage
3. Chuseok event, event-related BM added
4. Immediate update of rankings when sanctioning users who use illegal programs
5. Facility Balance Changes
6. Improved use of race summons
7. Artifact Dungeon Progress Improvement
8. Added Legendary Rank when converting facilities
9. Added Legendary Equipment Disassemble
10. Changed the reset time of the underground dungeon


Android 5.0+