Fruit Worm 2.9 APK MOD

Fruit Worm 2.9 APK MOD Fruit Worm  –

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Fruit Worm 2.9 APK MOD

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Fruit Worm is a fun android game for all ages where you need to guide the worm to eat as much fruit as possible… You have limited time before the fruit spoils! It is a simple arcade style theme inspired by the classic “snake” game. There are 9 worlds to conquer with a total of 275 levels to unlock. There is also hidden treasure to discover and bonus caverns to earn extra points along the way.

The game features include two different set of controls, touch or digital mode. You also have the option of turning the music and sound effects on or off separately. You are able to pause the game or exit to choose a different unlocked level anytime.

When worm eats the same flavour fruit consecutively, you will earn bonus combo points!

Have fun guiding the hungry fruit worm to eat as many exotic fruit as possible!
Version 2.11
– Fixed dialog boxes
– Fixed ringtone save
– Added share score
– Other minor enhancements and fixed bugs



Android 4.4+

Bear’s Restaurant Mod 3.3 APK MOD

Bust A Nut 3.3 APK MOD Bust A Nut  –

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Bust A Nut 3.3 APK MOD

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Bust A Nut is a simple casual game that is fun and easy to play, yet testing your agility and reflexes! Connect matching nuts to make them explode and score points… bust as much nuts as possible can before time runs out!

Collect as many different colored nuts to paint the white creatures! Dozens of creatures to paint!

See why many players have taken up the challenge in this intensely enjoyable game of both skill and lightning-speed action. Download and see for yourself why so many are glued to their android devices and enjoy the fruitful experience!

– Deceptively simple, but don’t be fooled!
– Power-ups offer new ways to play and makes the game easier to play!
– Pick-up-and-play, no complicated rules to learn!
– Compete with your friends and challenge them!
– Adorable nuts that you simply want to crush!
– Pop nuts as quick as you can… rapidly by dragging your finger!

– Go for long chains, joker break the same colored nuts!
– Bombs are powerful, but don’t let them distract your attention!
– Roast nut should only be used when they reach close to the bottom!
– Nuke nut blasts them all away!
Version 3.3
– Fixed dialog boxes, added new background and share buttons
– Minor enhancements and fixed bugs



Android 5.0+