末日喧囂 7.0.52 APK MOD

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7.0.45 APK MOD

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When the doomsday comes, get ready for battle first↓↓↓

◆Participate in pre-registration to receive first [Taiwan Limited Skin-Three Days and Three Nights Paradise]
◆Receive a free [survival gift package] worth 3,000 Taiwan dollars, and live together: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.TW/

[Over 10 million downloads worldwide! Match 3 SLG masterpiece “Doomsday Hustle” landed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau]
[New gameplay is coming: technology weapons save the doomsday, alliance match three gathers wisdom]
[Please protect your mind before starting the game]

“Oh my God! What is that!”
“Idiot! Don’t make a noise!”
“How to do…!”
“If you want to live, remember the apocalyptic survival guide.”

——Apocalypse Survival Guide——
* First! “Gems” kill mode
-New match-3 gameplay, reappearing the classic zombie
-The duel between humans and zombies, the competition between resourcefulness and strategy,
-A wonderful combination of match 3 leisure and SLG strategy storm
-Under the hustle and bustle of the doomsday, you will sound the clarion call to restart human civilization

* set up! The last city of refuge
-Sanctuary City, the only remaining stronghold of human civilization.
Become a guardian, rebuild the habitat of survivors, and guard the last seeds of human civilization
-Rise up to fight back and destroy the corpse of zombies; siege the city and broaden the territory of civilization; upgrade weapons and obtain war resources

* Recruit! The strongest partner in history
-On the way to save the survivors, you will continue to meet talented heroes
-Please collect them under your command and embark on an unknown journey of civilized rejuvenation together

* Be careful! Your kind
-At the end of the world, civilization is shattered, and the barbaric behavior hidden in the original DNA is gradually exposed. The same kind is more terrifying than zombies
-Shopping is more expensive than people, and resources are more valuable than human lives in the end. It will be your destiny choice if the weak is strong or the cooperation is win-win.

Join the League of Survivors and explore the unknown together!
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.TW/

※This game software classification management method is classified as: Supplementary 15
※The content of this game involves violence (blood or horror images such as attacks, killings, etc., which do not give rise to a cruel impression), sex (the game character wears clothing or costumes that highlight sexual characteristics but does not involve sexual hints)
※Some contents of this game need to be paid separately
※Please avoid indulging in games

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Android 4.4+

Puzzles & Survival 7.0.52 APK MOD

퍼즐 오브 Z 7.0.45 APK MOD 퍼즐 오브 Z  –

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Z 7.0.45 APK MOD

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퍼즐 오브 Z APK MOD Download 1

김옥빈과 함께 ‘퍼즐 오브 Z’에서 전략을 펼쳐 좀비를 물리치세요.

게임에 접속하여 한국 한정 스킨 ‘푸른 하늘’과 12만원 상당의 생존 패키지를 획득하세요.

글로벌 다운로드 수 1500만 돌파! 퍼즐 SLG 대작 ‘퍼즐 오브 Z’ 한국 출시

「헐! 저거 뭔데!」
「쉿! 조용히 해!」
「살아남고 싶으면 종말 생존 지침을 숙지해야 돼.」

——종말 생존 지침——

※퍼즐과 전략의 조화※
– 퍼즐와 좀비 요소의 이색적인 결합👤
– 인간와 좀비의 대결, 지혜와 전략의 시대
– 캐주얼 퍼즐과 전략 시뮬레이션의 완벽한 조화
– 요란스레 떠들어대는 세상에서 인류 문명의 새 판을 여세요!

※세계 최대 피난소를 건설하라※
– 피난소, 인류 문명이 남아 있는 유일한 거점.
수호자가 되어 생존자 서식지를 재건설하여 인류 문명 최후의 씨앗을 지키세요!🌆
– 분발하여 좀비 군단을 물리치세요! 성지를 탈환하여🏰
문명을 전파세요. 무기를 업그레이드하여 전쟁 자원을 획득하세요!

※초능력 영웅을 모집하라!※
– 바이러스☠️에 감염된 후 행운한 자는 초능력을 갖게 되며, 불행한 자는 좀비가 된다.
– 생존자를 구하는 길에 타고난 재능을 지닌 영웅들을 만날 수 있습니다.
– 그들을 휘하에 두고 문명 부흥의 길을 찾아 모험을 떠나세요!

※냉혹한 인간들을 조심하라!💔※
– 종말의 날이 오자 문명이 무너지고 인간 DNA에 내재된 악이 서서히 모습을 드러냈습니다.
– 생명보다 자원이 소중한 종말의 날, 악과 선 그 사이, 운명의 룰렛을 돌리세요!

생존자 연맹에 가입하여 함께 미지의 영역을 탐색합시다!
한국: https://www.facebook.com/puzzleofZ.KR/
CAFE: https://cafe.naver.com/puzzleofz

개인정보 보호정책:
서비스 이용약관:

Use your strategy to defeat zombies in ‘Puzzle of Z’ with Okbin Kim.

Log in to the game and get the Korea-limited skin ‘Blue Sky’ and a survival package worth 120,000 won.

Over 15 million global downloads! Puzzle SLG masterpiece ‘Puzzle of Z’ launched in Korea

“OMG! What is that!”
“Shh! Be quiet!”
“uh… cake… year… !」
“If you want to survive, you must read the apocalyptic survival guidelines.”

——Apocalypse Survival Guidelines——

※The harmony of puzzle and strategy※
– Unusual combination of puzzle and zombie elements👤
– Human vs. Zombie Battle, Age of Wisdom and Strategy
– Perfect blend of casual puzzle and strategy simulation
– Open a new chapter in human civilization in a noisy world!

※Build the world’s largest shelter※
– Refuge, the only base where human civilization remains.
Become a Guardian and rebuild survivors’ habitats to protect the last seeds of human civilization!🌆
– Get ready to defeat the zombie army! By reclaiming the Holy Land🏰
Spread your civilization. Upgrade your weapons to get war resources!

※Recruit Super Heroes!※
– After being infected with the virus☠️, the lucky ones will have superpowers, and the unhappy ones will become zombies.
– On the way to save the survivors, you can meet heroes with natural talents.
– Put them under your control and embark on an adventure to find the path to civilization revival!

※Beware of cruel humans!💔※
– As the apocalypse came, civilization collapsed and the evil inherent in human DNA slowly emerged.
– Spin the roulette wheel of fate between good and evil, on an apocalyptic day when resources are more precious than life!

Join the League of Survivors and explore the unknown together!
Korea: https://www.facebook.com/puzzleofZ.KR/
CAFE: https://cafe.naver.com/puzzleofz

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Android 4.4+