Chinchón Blyts 5.0.103 APK MOD

Chinchón Blyts 5.0.103 APK MOD Chinchón Blyts  –

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Chinchn Blyts 5.0.103 APK MOD

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¡Bienvenido al juego más divertido de Chinchón para dispositivos móviles!

El Chinchón es un famoso juego de cartas, jugado con baraja española. Es originario de España y muy popular en América Latina.
El objetivo del juego es formar chinchón (escalera de siete cartas del mismo palo) para ganar la partida.

¡Jugá con tus amigos o con cualquier jugador del planeta, competí hasta convertirte en el mejor del ranking!
¡Conocé y chateá con nuevos jugadores!


✓ Mapa interactivo con muchas sorpresas para ir avanzando.
✓ Una avanzada inteligencia artificial de la PC.
✓ Nuevo módulo social
✓ ¡Muchos logros para desafiar tus límites!
✓ Colado de cartas
✓ 8 y 9 opcionales
✓ Modo multijugador online.

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Welcome to the most fun game of Chinchón for mobile devices!

Chinchón is a famous card game, played with a Spanish deck. It is originally from Spain and very popular in Latin America.
The objective of the game is to form a chinchón (seven-card straight of the same suit) to win the game.

Play with your friends or with any player on the planet, compete until you become the best in the ranking!
Meet and chat with new players!


✓ Interactive map with many surprises to go forward.
✓ An advanced artificial intelligence of the PC.
✓ New social module
✓ Lots of achievements to challenge your limits!
✓ Card casting
✓ 8 and 9 optional
✓ Online multiplayer mode.

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Android 4.4+

Infamous Machine 1.5 APK MOD

Infamous Machine 1.5 APK MOD Infamous Machine  –

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Infamous Machine 1.5 APK MOD

Screenshot of Infamous Machine

Infamous Machine APK MOD Download 1

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is a hilarious point-and-click adventure in which you stumble irresponsibly through history to help legendary geniuses complete their masterworks!

Kelvin is the well-meaning research assistant of Dr. Edwin Lupin, an outstanding but tacky physicist who goes completely nuts when his life’s work, a shower-shaped time machine, is ridiculed by the scientific community. Bent on leaving his mark, Lupin launches himself into the past to prevent history’s greatest geniuses from completing their defining works, so HE can complete them instead.

Now the very fabric of time is beginning to unravel, and it’s up to Kelvin and his fellow research assistant Lise to repair it. Point and click your way through three wacky, gorgeously drawn chapters to help Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci achieve their destined greatness!
– Language Portuguese added
– File size optimization
– Minor fixes



4.1 and up

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner 3.5.86 APK MOD

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner 3.5.86 APK MOD Nobodies: Murder Cleaner  –

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Nobodies Murder Cleaner 3.5.86 APK MOD

Screenshot of Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner APK MOD Download 1

After the hitmen have taken out their target, somebody has to clear up the mess. That’s you. You’re a ‘cleaner’ for a secret government counter-terrorist organisation, tasked with disposing of the bodies, destroying all the evidence, and leaving no sign you were ever there.

Nobodies is a point-and-click puzzle adventure in which you must use your wits and resourcefulness to ensure your employers’ actions go undiscovered. You aid them in taking out key members of Q-100, a terrorist organisation hell-bent on unleashing horrendous experimental bioweapons on the world.

Blend in, get out, and most importantly, leave no bodies behind.

• Thirteen murders to cover up: quick thinking and resourcefulness is essential to succeed in hiding the evidence.
• Packed with puzzles: each mission has a unique set of challenges to overcome, from classic inventory puzzles, to bespoke mindbending tasks.
• Multiple ways to solve a challenge: various ways to approach many situations, some more effective than others
• Hand-crafted art: almost one hundred distinct hand-drawn scenes to search and explore.
• Inspired by real events: what if the horrific human experiments of the 50s and 60s got into terrorist hands?
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Android 4.4+