Cubic Clash Tower Defense PVP Game 1.1.0 APK MOD

Cubic Clash:Tower Defense PVP Game 1.1.0 APK MOD Cubic Clash:Tower Defense PVP Game  –

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Cubic ClashTower Defense PVP Game 1.1.0 APK MOD

Screenshot of Cubic Clash:Tower Defense PVP Game

Cubic Clash:Tower Defense PVP Game APK MOD Download 1

Cubic Clash is a fast-paced, highly randomized tower defense game that features both PVP and PVE modes.

Features awesome characters and a great soundtrack.

Features tower defense gameplay, cube collection, random spawns from a pre-selected lineup, and merging to upgrade cubes in combat.
In addition to Versus and Co-Op modes, there are a variety of other modes available.
Each match lasts for an average of 3 minutes and features rewarding, satisfying gameplay.

A wide variety of cubes are available to be unlocked and leveled up. Use powerful cube skills in combat and put together a formidable lineup to dominate the battle! Collect cube skins and map backgrounds to stand out from the crowd.

A Variety of PVP and PVE Modes
– Versus (PVP): A head-to-head battle that starts automatically when players first open the game. At the start of the battle, monsters appear at the starting points of both players’ lanes. To prevent the monsters from advancing, players have to summon and merge Cubes, improving their attack power and control effects. Only one player will have the last laugh!

-Super Skirmish (PVP): A fun PVP mode with a new feature – Supers. Each Super has a unique effect and a prime opportunity to use it, adding to the fun of combat.

– Training (PVE): The training ground for new players. Here players can choose from any of the cubes in the current version to practice combat and get familiar with the characteristics and strengths of the different cubes available.

– Team Co-Op (PVE): A two-player co-op mode with no time limit. 10 monsters spawn on each side every round and a Boss spawns on each side after 10 rounds. Team up with a friend or a randomly matched player and climb your way to the top.

– Guardian Realm (PVE): During certain events, the shared cuboid will be replaced with a Guardian: either Tempest or Arte. Use cube and guardian skills to your advantage, upgrade the guardian and defeat all monsters on the battlefield.

– Arena
Reach the top of the leaderboard and become a legend!

– Unlocks when the player has one Mythic cube, two Epic cubes, and three Lv6 Elite cubes.
– Winners are awarded trophies, whereas losers will have trophies deducted.
– Unlock and Level Up Cubes
You can get a variety of different cubes from events, quests, battles, or via the shop. Level up cubes to increase their strength. Collect different cube skins to make yourself stand out from the crowd in battle.

– Battle Season – Gear Up!
[Ladder Season] opens every 14 days and includes 3 stages: early season, mid-season, and late season. During events, players can earn special rewards when they are victorious.

[Activity Season] Mutants are here – extra content for activity season, Activity Tournament. During the event, the Activity Medal upper limit is increased. For a specified period, rewards are doubled.

– Novice Carnival – Protect the Ancient Cuboid
Log in and complete quests to get boxes, gold, diamonds, Ancient Shards, and Ancient Crystals!
Use Ancient Shards and Ancient Crystals to get various items from Marvelo’s Shop.

– More Features and Events
There is a lot more content to look forward to, including new cubes, new skins, new map backgrounds, new features, and new events!

Game Features:
– Real-time PVP combat against players around the world
– Fun, upbeat atmosphere, and fast-paced combat
– Unlock and collect rare cubes, put together a formidable lineup
– New events and new modes available each day
– Go it alone or team up with friends, both are a blast!
– Aim for the top of the leaderboard- Unlock different skins and map backgrounds to stand out from the crowd.
Welcome to Cubic Clash!

Cubic Clash is a fast-paced PVP tower defense game. All new players will receive an exclusive bonus: 6666x Gold, 200x Promotion Stones, 5x Bonus Boxes, and 1x Gigawatt.

The first season (Hot Arena) will be split into different phases: early-season, mid-season, and late-season. Each phase will feature different buffs, providing a unique challenge.

The New Player Festival is a great opportunity to grow, you can even claim a Mythic Cube on the second day you sign in.



Android 4.1+

My Dog Puppy Game Pet Simulator 1.3.5 APK MOD

My Dog – Pet Dog Game Simulator 1.0.2 APK MOD My Dog – Pet Dog Game Simulator  –

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My Dog – Pet Dog Game Simulator 1.0.2 APK MOD

Screenshot of My Dog – Pet Dog Game Simulator

My Dog - Pet Dog Game Simulator APK MOD Download 1

Game Features
• Puppy raising simulation game
• Adopt and take care of your favorite puppy
• 64+ breeds of dogs
• Play with your friends by visiting their homes
• Try fun games to keep your puppy happy
• Take great AR pictures with your puppy

Adopt Puppies is a simulation game where you can feed, train, play, and dress up your favorite puppies. After choosing among more than 70 unique dogs, you can design your home from a variety of furniture, decoration, and layouts. Then, you can invite or visit your friends to socialize with other puppies at home.

Instead of describing the main features, we want to share with you the story behind the development of this game. This story came from the creator of Adopt Puppies:

“Although I have participated in the development of several games, I have not been as excited with a new game as with Adopt Puppies because this game brings back a lot of good memories.

When I was little, my parents adopted a puppy that lived with us for longer than fifteen years. I still remember our first interaction; he could fit in my palm. As a child, I became his owner and did my best to take care of him. From an early age, I gained this sense of responsibility because of him but also developed a strong feeling of sympathy towards the dog community. I decided not to have another puppy after him because I knew it would be difficult to experience this absence again in the future.

At university, I kept thinking of ways to bring my puppy back to me by using technology. However, it was not until recently that I formed a dedicated team of engineers and artists to develop Adopt Puppies. I hope that players can raise their favorite puppy while bringing him everywhere with them, creating good memories.

If you find this story interesting, want to share your own story, or enjoy playing our game, please send us an email [email protected] We hope that Adopt Puppies help reunites dog owners with his beloved friends and help our puppies find a loving family. Follow us on social media to get the latest updates.
Fixed known bugs.



Android 6.0+

Atelier Online Alchemist of Bressisle 1.0.0 APK MOD

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle 1.0.0 APK MOD Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle  –

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Atelier Online Alchemist of Bressisle 1.0.0 APK MOD

Screenshot of Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle

Atelier Online: Alchemist of Bressisle APK MOD Download 1

The Atelier series comes to mobile, celebrating its 20th anniversary! The free-to-play adventure role-playing game combines the features of the previous Atelier series with online play and co-operation mode.

Characters such as Rorona and Marie from the previous Atelier series are joining the game to interact in a never-seen-before story! Atelier fans will love this storyline.

The elements and monsters on the island will appear based on the weather and daytime. Players can also explore the island with up to 3 friends in the online cooperative multiplayer mode.

The specialization in alchemy is about finding, collecting, and combing items in recipes to create better items to advance further in the game.

The players can try different gears such as clothes, weapons, and accessories on their characters to improve stats, change the appearance and get new skills.

The journey as protagonists starts at the Royal Academy and continues around the world to become the best alchemist, encountering others and paving your own path.

Join our communities and meet with more alchemists here!
Official Site:
– Fixed known bugs.



Android 5.0+



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DISGAEA brought to mobile!

The Netherworld, a place deeper than the deepest ocean and darker than the darkest cave. It’s a chaotic world ruled by demons, monsters, and Overlords. No one knows quite where to find it. But now this dark place will open to all the players. Enter the Netherworld, try to raise the Strongest Overlord on a strange but exciting adventure.


■ Protagonists from the series reunite
Protagonists like Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez and Killia from the whole series reunite and start an adventure filled with laughter and tears!

■ Original stories and music
In the Netherworld, everyone’s moral compass is a little different from humans. Unfold the exciting stories of your favorite characters and go through their ups and downs with background music from the series. The “Netherworld History” is for DISGAEA fans to relive their favorite plots once more and for newcomers to learn about the series’ previous stories.

■ Over-the-Top Battle Systems
The game uses a turn-based combat system. Assemble your dream team to your deepest desires! Amusing battle options like “Team Attack”, “Tower”, and “Throw” make the game truly strategical and hilarious.

■ Deal tons of damage
Awaken and upgrade characters all the way up to the max level of 9999. Grant characters with many skills & magic with enhancements and deal tons of damage to your enemies!

■ Classic elements from the series
Everything you love about DISGAEA is now brought to mobile. Call the “Dark Assembly” to unlock various content, travel the infinite “Item World” to upgrade your equipment, and challenge the “Overlord’s Tower” for fiendish rewards!

■ Play Anytime, Anywhere
Auto-Battling at up to 4x speed! Enjoy the epic battle at any time and any place!

Please follow our social media to keep updated.
Official Site:


Android 4.0+

Bear’s Restaurant Mod 9.7.00 APK MOD

Immortal Soul: Black Survival 9.4.00 APK MOD Immortal Soul: Black Survival  –

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Immortal Soul Black Survival 9.4.00 APK MOD

Screenshot of Immortal Soul: Black Survival

Immortal Soul: Black Survival APK MOD Download 1

Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a multiplayer horror survival game. Be the last one standing of 10 players on an unknown battleground. Join & Fight with a single [TAP]!

Survive by exploring what’s on a mysterious island that is separated into 22 areas, surrounded full of abandoned buildings, ravaged land, and hidden ingredients.
Keep running, searching, crafting and fighting by any means to protect yourself from the threat of powerful monsters.
Fight with the other 9 competitors and be the last one standing!

Over 45 characters in different styles that can be customized to fit your needs with over a multitude of outfits. Bring these loadouts into battle in Individual Match, Team Match, thrilling Ranked Game, and more.
Specialize in one or become a more versatile researcher by trying to master them all.

Hundreds of hidden ingredients on the battleroyale. All items such as weapons, gears, traps, foods, and drinks can be crafted during every battle.
Making good use of them, kill everything that dares to threaten your life!

Cross-platform support means you can play together with your friends and millions of other people on computers and mobile devices everywhere..
Taking the fun on the go!

*The game requires a stable internet connection.
* Recommended system requirements: a device with 2G RAM or more.

Dear researchers:
Thank you for accepting our invites and joining us here on Lumia Island. Here, your potential will be stretched to full and together, we will commence the next chapter of human history.

We know everything still sounds crazy: gene modifications, living subjects, lurking wild animals, endless testing rounds with other researchers… but “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” and we promise that you will not have any boundary constraints and the choices are always yours.

For research updates:
Official Site:

To consult with other researchers:
■ New Tech Lab Theme added: ‘Gothic Banquet’
– 3 New Skins added
■ Content/Items added
– Season 9’s voting system added
– Scenario Codex: Wiki content added
– 2 New in-game items added
– 2 new products available: Cadet Skin, 2 Voice Packs
■ Bugfixes
– Improvement and launching of the new in-game navigation system
– The issue with the avatar’s room motion has been fixed



Android 4.4+

Arc The Lad R 1.13.15 APK MOD

Arc The Lad R 1.13.15 APK MOD Arc The Lad R  –

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Arc The Lad R 1.13.15 APK MOD

Screenshot of Arc The Lad R

Arc The Lad R APK MOD Download 1

The Arc the Lad Console Franchise Returns as an SRPG on Smartphone!

The game is set in a world after Arc the Lad II.
10 years ago, the Great Disaster caused a vast catastrophe on land in which about half the world’s population was decimated.
10 years after, Princess Sania, one of the heroes who fought in the Ark War, is leading the aquatic city Millmana to promote the reconstruction of the world.

– Game Features –

*Deep Strategic Gameplay
Arc the Lad R combines elements of tactical combat, adventure, and role-playing to convey the unique gaming experience found in classic Japanese SRPGs. By strategically using exclusive skills of heroes and commanding them to attack from either the front, side, or back of the enemy, you gradually accumulate advantages until victory is sealed! The control is intuitive, simply done by tapping and sliding on a vertical screen.

*Exceptional Character Building System
The game allows you to awaken characters to dramatically boost their power and unlock new outfits! There are also exclusive weapons and gear for specific characters.

*Gripping and Epic Story
Halt, the protagonist, is a young man who serves in the Vigilante Corps of Millmana. He rescued the mysterious girl Mizuha from an Aldian battleship when it was raiding on a nearby village. Since the encounter, the gears of fate have started turning again.

* Typical-of-the-series Content
Popular content of the series such as Ruins of Ancient Kings, Hunter’s Guild, and Arena, will be revived in Arc the Lad R!

* Thrilling PvP Fight
Form a regular party and add season-specific characters to it to fight head-to-head battles with other players in the Arena, with the goal of entering the top league.

Feel free to contact us on Discord and Facebook.
Adds mechanics to detect users with suspicious data or activities



Android 5.0+

比得兔™:隱藏的世界 1.0.4 APK MOD

比得兔™:隱藏的世界 1.0.4 APK MOD 比得兔™:隱藏的世界  –

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1.0.4 APK MOD

Screenshot of 比得兔™:隱藏的世界

比得兔™:隱藏的世界 APK MOD Download 1


*尋物探索 發現美好

*繪本世界 一觸可及

*裝飾村莊 點綴生活
300+ 裝飾隨心搭配,創造屬於自己的村莊與 Lifestyle 。

*互動養成 友情加溫
與 30+ 夥伴親密互動,用心感受恬靜生活裡的溫暖友誼。

*英語模式 輕鬆掌握
開啟英語模式,在遊玩同時,熟悉 1000+生活英語詞彙。
In your daily life with stars and moons, this is your soul harbor, where you can enjoy the tranquility.
Dozens of exciting scenes, 30+ cute friends, waiting for you to explore.

*Search for objects to discover beauty
Tap to find, collect objects and discover the beauty in the hidden world.

*The world of picture books is within reach
More than a hundred years of British aesthetics, the most moving picture book world, unfold in your hands.

*Decorate the village to embellish life
300+ decorations can be matched freely to create your own village and Lifestyle.

*Interactive development, friendship and warming
Interact intimately with 30+ partners and feel the warm friendship in a quiet life with your heart.

*English mode easy to master
Turn on the English mode and get familiar with 1000+ daily English vocabulary while playing.



Android 5.0+

Idola Phantasy Star Saga 1.11.7 APK MOD

Idola Phantasy Star Saga 1.11.7 APK MOD Idola Phantasy Star Saga  –

( #iscovidracist #JeremyVine #KEEMSTAR #LadyGagaNaGlobo #LARvsTB #letfansin #lgbtatschool #LockdownNAO #McFlyTotalAccess #Michigancertification #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #MondayVibes #MusicMonday #NCT_RESONANCE #NCT2020 #nigella #ÖğretmenlerGünü #OgrtGünündeMüjd60bin #onlyconnect #KatiePorter #Keating #Keith #KenJennings #KIMTAEHYUNG #Laine #Lana #LauraCox #LGBAlliance )

Idola Phantasy Star Saga 1.11.7 APK MOD

Idola will be releasing in Europe on Octorbor 22nd!

The classic RPG series, Phantasy Star finally comes to mobile! Experience thrilling turn-based battles with two party modes, world-class artwork, an unforgettable musical score, and an epic fantasy through a fully-voiced story campaign. Save the land of Vandor from the threat of Dark Falz.

Return to the series roots through a command style system of battle. Release your ultimate skill, Elemental Blast to defeat your enemies by consuming elemental values.

You can deploy and switch between two party modes, Law and Chaos during battles. Switching parties unleashes an all-out attack called Reverse Rush, so take your chances and change the tides of battle!

Face each characters’ fate, and choose the ultimate upgrade for each, changing the conclusion to a character’s story! Not only will it change the characters’ appearance, but also their skills and Elemental Blast as well.

Join forces with friends and other players to defeat the IDOLA. You can also become an amazing IDOLA yourself and battle other adventurers! There are various kinds of IDOLA available within the game.

Two teams enter – only one leaves. Battle with other adventurers’ teams to become the ACE of the Arena!

– This game is free to play.
– Items are available for purchase within the game.
– A network connection is required to play.

Feel free to contact us on Discord and Facebook.
Fixed known bugs.



Android 4.4+