Dice Royale – Dice Roller 32 APK MOD

September 9, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Dice Royale – Dice Roller  –

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Please note that Dice Royale app doesn’t offer moneyor ways to make money or gift cards
The upgraded, brand NEW version of the beloved board game! Completely FREE! Tons of JOY ! Joyful games! STOP hesitating and join us!

Easy to play! Easy to win! Welcome to Dice Royale, where you’re guaranteed to feel like a mogul as you win your way to an endless fun!

dice royale is a free dice rolling game you can use it as a dice roller game , it’s beautiful and simple application for dice roll to get random numbers . A large variety of types of dices is always in your pocket. You won’t lose these!). dice royale will be useful in any board games and, if needed, to decide your fate) here you get music, sounds and color combinations. Roll dice and try your luck! with dice royale the best dice app.

this Dice roller is a Random roller to play any game that need to use the dice. Have you need a dice but you can’t find it? Yes, this application is to change your dice. This application is just like your missing dice. This application can roll Dice.

– Replace your real physical dice with a better virtual solution
– 2 Dice mode makes you able to roll pair of dice at the same time
– shake to roll is an option makes you able to roll a dice by just shaking your phone
⭐improve the app
⭐reduce ads
⭐reduce the app’s size



Android 4.0+