Dragon Legions 0.1.22 APK MOD

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Dragon Legions 0.1.22 APK MOD

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A funny game with a huge amount of spectacular battles. You are a Dragon Lord who leads legions of armies into war. Accept the challenges of various levels and don’t forget to train and breed your dragons to get extra powers and rewards. Can you become the most powerful Dragon Lord of all?

[Discover the Land]
The kingdom is filled with hatching eggs and plenty of resources, as you defeat your enemies you will discover powerful creatures and build a thriving empire!

[Protect your soldiers!]
As the Dragon Lord you ride into battle above the armies and clear the way for your own legions. Push and burn the enemy forces as you ruthlessly conquer the lands ahead of you!

[Level Up Abilities]
With every battle comes greater experience! Advance through the levels and unlock powerful abilities in your Dragonpedia. Power up attack levels and discover Owl Dragons, Vulture Dragons, Ice Dragons and many more!

Main Features
– Addictively push and burn away all enemy forces
– Countless number of spectacular dragon battles
– Direct your army into battle and grow your legions
– Unlock the land, mine for gold and build your dragon kingdom
– Hatch your eggs and grow your Dragonpedia to discover wild and powerful dragons
Difficulty adjustments and bug fixes.



Android 8.0+