Duel at Sakura-Samurai Duels of Medieval Japan 2.3 APK MOD

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Duel at Sakura-Samurai Duels of Medieval Japan  – Battle for the gift of divinity against the best warriors of the Sengoku Jidai, or Warring States Period! Travel across a mysterious island at the edge of the world, hone your combat techniques, wield mystical weapons, and compete against other players in the darkest corners of terrifying bottomless temples! Sharpen your katana – your foes include wretched bandits who despise the bushido, elite samurai armed with destructive mystical weapons, and epic bosses capable of destroying entire armies!

● Travel freely and explore a mysterious island at the edge of the world
● An epic story in which you have to search for the truth and learn the secret of the Divine Cherry Blossom
●Trade, combine powerful ancient weapons, and use every drop of the Island’s power – become mighty enough to destroy even the gods themselves!
● The inimitable atmosphere of medieval Sengoku Japan, seasoned with mysticism and gorgeous battles at incredible speeds
● Carve a path deep within the island, and remember – you aren’t the only one willing to obtain divinity by any means necessary!
● Complete trials, search for treasure, and fight other players for the top of the leaderboard
● Crush your foes with your power and skill! Level up your techniques, upgrade your equipment, and wield a massive Sengoku arsenal!
● Highly varied enemies who are masters of deadly martial arts
● Battles against bosses with terrifying sword skills

Prove that you are the most highly-skilled warrior in Japan by winning duels to the death. Follow the Way of the Warrior, become the best warrior, and claim the Gift of Divinity that is rightfully yours! Your duel has just begun!



Android 4.4+