EasyPoker 1.1.6 APK MOD

August 30, 2020 0 By pakadmin

A new take on the poker app. EasyPoker connects you and your friends over a social face to face game of poker – anytime, anywhere.

You and your friends want to play a game of live poker but have no deck of cards or chips? No problem at all. Just fire up the free EasyPoker app and we will take care of it! Think of the EasyPoker app as a digital poker set. Cool right?

Our app brings together the best of digital poker and traditional live face to face poker. Now you can play multiplayer F2F poker with your friends, without having to bring a poker set with you at all times. Imagine playing a game of live multiplayer poker around the campfire, at the beach, the bar, the park, in the train, while waiting for food in the restaurant, when skydiving – Really, it’s only limited by your imagination. You and your friends just need the free EasyPoker app on your smartphones and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why choose between the convenience of digital poker and the social experience live poker? We’ve combined the two!

The EasyPoker gameplay is designed specifically for playing face to face poker with people in the same place as you. Basically just think of EasyPoker as a digital poker set that fits in your pocket.

Get cool features perfectly designed for a multiplayer game of poker.

• Multiplayer Texas Hold’em.
• Cross platform capability (Android, iPhone).
• Provides both cards and chips.
• Fast and intuitive connection of devices.
• Easily arrange order.
• One hand gameplay.
• Tab and hold to see your cards (bad news for peekers).
• No timer – you decide when to deal.
• No credit card registration.
• Free to play.

EasyPoker is Not your classic poker app. Far from it actually. We’re not an online casino or betting platform designed to lure your hard earned cash out of your pocket. Actually we don’t facilitate any betting of real money at all. We’re just the poker set you can bring anywhere. This also means that we don’t connect you with bots or strangers around the world. You will simply have to be in the same place as your friends, when using the free EasyPoker app. Like you would when using a classic physical poker set.

Our mission is not to replace the physical poker set – if you have a deck of cards and poker chips, then by all means, use them! We still would.
Our purpose is to facilitate the social experience of poker when you don’t have a poker set with you – or sitting around a table big enough for your whole crew.

The EasyPoker app is meant to be played live in company of good friends. At its core, the poker game has always been a social activity. And we think it’s funnest when played face to face. Reading your opponents tells is a big part of the original game. After all it’s called a “poker face” – not a “poker avatar”. Unfortunately, with online poker, a lot of this has been lost. But we’re bringing it back! Dust off your best poker faces and get ready to play live face to face poker again. Yes!

We want you to be a part of this!

The team behind EasyPoker is small – but really fast moving. We’re five danish guys constantly making improvements and testing new features to get the best live poker experience possible. And we would love to hear suggestions and feedback from you! Visit to send in your feedback. We’re excited to hear from you! There’s never long from idea to final feature so please don’t hesitate to message us.

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Please notice that the EasyPoker app does not include any kind of real money gambling features.

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Hey Poker Lovers! The first “public beta” of EasyPoker is live. Help us make the app better by reporting the bugs & issues you might stumble upon. Thanks a bunch!