Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure 2.03 APK MOD

Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure 2.03 APK MOD Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure  –

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Elises Nightmare Roguelike Action Adventure 2.03 APK MOD

– 2019 BU:STAR CHALLENGE Grand Prize Winner!
– Achieved 5th place in the adventure category on the Google Play Store in
just two days of launch!
– Stage Clear Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSEH_eIwPbY
-This is a roguelike game: When 5 lives are consumed, it starts from the beginning. However, HP bonuses earned in previous games are permanently accumulated.
-For users who do not enjoy action games, the difficulty may be somewhat higher. If you are burdened with difficulty, upgrade your HP or play Elise’s Nightmare Very Easy version. (Path: After clicking the company name, you can find it in other games.)

Official update content (difficulty lowered)
-Elise Movement Speed Increase
-All enemy boss attack power down
-Add story illustration skip function
-Character growth concept added (HP increase when stage is cleared)
-Elise’s Nightmare Rising 5th place commemoration, store 50% discount
-Double increase in ad viewing reward
-Other bug fixes

This is a Roguelike Adventure game where you defeat the monster boss that appears in your dreams while uncovering the truth behind the tragedy that happened to Ellis’ family.

It is a short, intense, and tidy ending game where you can enjoy both an immersive story conveyed with illustrations and a battle full of urgency.

◆ Easy and fast progress
It is a fast-paced game that focuses on boss battles where the skilled player can see the ending within 1 hour. In addition, if you do it, it gives you the effect of self-destruction.

◆ Simple but tense battle
It is easy to operate and provides a strategy tutorial for each stage, so you can easily grasp the strategy, but you can enjoy the battle without being vigilant.

◆ A game like a short film with an ending
It is a short film-like game in which each stage tells the story in depth through illustrations and leaves a lingering ending through the ending while learning the truth of the tragedy that happened to Ellis.

◆ Games without intermediary advertisements forcibly viewed
In order to make the game more enjoyable to users, the immersion of the game has been enhanced by not forcibly showing advertisements in the middle.
-English Translation fixes
[Addition of lower difficulty level]
-Elise Movement Speed Increase
-Lower base attack power and skill attack power of all enemy bosses



Android 8.0+

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