Endless War: Origins 1.1.22 APK MOD

September 29, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Endless War: Origins  – Welcome to the world of Endless War. As a wise lord, you may start you civilization from the very beginning——Stone Age, and lead your people to Middle Age. Also, going through the origins and development of four civilizations, you should enjoy the communication and conflict of different cultures.

Construct stylistic buildings, train elite soldiers, summon historical heroes, forge powerful armors, and send your mighty army against enemies. Occupy the Supreme Throne and become the ruler of all kingdoms.

Cooperate with your allies, take cities and seize territory together. Fight for your faction and win generous rewards.

Join Endless War with your friends, start your own civilization and create a brilliant kingdom.
1. Trade Cities are open to sell items: Hero Shards, Skill Dust, Resource items, and Speed-up items.
2. Added a new tutorial of Social Feature.
3. Item change: All Treasure Map III now can be used to find Advanced Treasure when City Hall reach to Lv.10 instead of Lv.15.
4. Item change: Wild monsters now have a chance to drop 1-3 GOLD ARROW(s).
5. Fix issue that Skill “Abundance” and “Rescue” cannot be used.
6. Performance improvements for iOS device.


Android 4.1+