Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense 44 APK MOD

September 6, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense  – In Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense, uncover a fantastical world of powerful elemental monsters and high-tech military robots! Command a team of monsters to defend the homeland from the invading robot armies!

In this epic fantasy tower defense game, you take the role as commander of the United Monsters Alliance defense force. Your task is to manage a defensive position around several of the entrances to the Monster’s homeland. Earn resources, upgrade your monsters, unlock items, and stop the enemy at all costs!

Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense Features

Epic RPG Tower Defense:
– Unlock powerful elemental monsters.
– Complete daily missions and achievements.

TD Gameplay
– Command units with a tap.
– Offline gold earnings.

Epic RPG
– Fantasy RPG-based world and classes.
– PvP Tournament hosted twice a week.

Lovers of tower defense games will love this idle RPG. Go on an epic quest, explore a fantastic world, battle robots and monsters, and defeat epic bosses in Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense!
> New and upgradeable Exotic Monster skills!
> Option to buy x1, x25, x100, and xMax new Monster card unlocks at once.
> Improved enemy targeting logic.
> “Bosses Only” skill targeting now also works on Drone Swarms.
> Checkbox to only autocast spells on boss waves.
> Passive skill effects displayed under affected monsters.
> Cargo Ship daily mission was changed from kills to spawns.
> Several minor bug fixes.



Android 4.1+