Family Nest: Family Relics 1.0105 APK MOD

September 30, 2020 0 By pakadmin

One day you receive a letter from a distant relative who you’ve never heard of before. He writes that he would like to hand over control of his farm to you in the secluded place of Willow Hills. Prove that you deserve to become the owner of the farm and find out the true reason for your arrival!
Hooray! Version: 1.024
Do not judge us, mistakes can happen to anyone, and now ❤️Bubble Pop❤️ has became even more pleasant to play.
We talked business with sea merchants, and now dealing with them have become more 🌟interesting🌟.
Civilization at last! Willow Hills added support for full-screen mode❤️, and got its own TV!❤️

And this is just a beginning! Next time:
Mysterious and severe Bering Bay!❤️

Thank you for being with us!