Fantastic Fishing 1.0.11 APK MOD

September 5, 2020 0 By pakadmin

“Hook up” ! Do you have a dream to become a best fisherman and capture rare and epic fish. So this is your game! A free fishing game, A Game keeping updating, A Game full of surprise!

Fantastic Fishing features:

🐟Collect Hundreds of rare fishes!
🐟Tons of fun events wait for you to explore
🐟List your name on Hall of Fame from fish tournaments.
🐟 Compete with Fishing expert globally or fishing with your friends
🐟Search for Epic fishes from different fishing spot and different oceans
🐟Your coins will still be earned even when you are offline!

How to Play:

Cast the fishing line, reach the depths and try catching as many fish as you can on your way up! Upgrade the gear helping you dive deeper under the sea to discover new species, and unlock new seas to rare treasures.

Also chances to experience fishing with your boat upside down!

Now let’s start a fantastic adventure of fishing->>
1. Added chances to retry after failing in random events.
2. Altered the format of reversed event to be more challenging.

We read all your comments and value your feedback very much. Please always let us know if you ever have any suggestions by email to [email protected]:)