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Flying Flogger 1.0.01 APK MOD

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It’s a side view fast-paced air combat game with simple controls, minimalist design, and smooth animation.

• 100 intense levels. All levels are handcrafted and tuned to provide short, intense, and dynamic air battles.
• 15 enemy types. Each aircraft is inspired by a real machine. Fight against “Zero”, “Superfortress”, “Peshka”, “Spitfire”, and even V-2 rocket. Intelligent enemy AI can perform advanced defend and attack maneuvers.
• 4 playable fighters. Upgrade your plane, progress through the game, and get a more powerful fighter with advanced guns and a jet booster.
• Simple controls. Rotate Counterclockwise: left half of the screen. Rotate Clockwise: right half of the screen.

Enjoy the explosive arcade action!
Fixes and improvements.


Android 4.4+