Fruit Slasher : Slicing Master 1.3 APK MOD

August 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Fruit Slasher : Slicing Master  – 3D Fruit Slasher Slicing Master is one of the best 3D slicing games for you with a simple gameplay of 3d

fruit cut and slice with tribal weapons. Just tap your finger on screen and cut the fruit to score high

and make juicy slasher to feel the feelings of drink master.

This is the modern version of fruits cut games which is enhanced with lot of new weapons to cut the fruits. It

is a kind of frontier games in which you are fighting with juicy fruits with your favorite armor and only you

have to cut and slice all fruits to make tasty cocktail to unlock more sharp weapons.

How to Play
The gameplay of 3d Fruit Slasher Slicing Master is so simple that a kid of 3 years can easily play this. But

you have sharp mind and quick reaction power to be master of this one of this fruit cut game. You have a sharp

weapon at the bottom of your phone. There are different fruits moving in different shapes and you have to cut

all fruits without missing any shot.

Collect four yummy cocktails to get a chance to win something crazy from lucky wheel by free spin. Unlock more

levels and unlock more weapons to try your fortune in this fruit slicer.

People love to play 3d Fruit Cut game in which you can cut fruits by using fruit cut ninja techniques. This

fruit cut slice game is upgraded and designed with awesome free fruit cutting games which will make you crazy

to fruit link splash by cutting them in this one of the best fruits games and slicing games.
• Fun to cut fruits and make 3d fruit cut splash in this Fruit Slasher Slicing Master game.
• Lot of fruits for slicing in this cut fruits game.
• Try to cut more fruits in this free fruit games to earn more score.
• Random fruits moving in different shapes on the screen.
• Realistic look of juicy fruits in this fruit slasher game.
• Become champ of fruit fly cutter in this fruit cutting game.
• Lucky wheel to spin and collect amazing rewards.
• Become spin master by rolling lucky wheel daily.
• Challenging levels of slice fruits in this target mobile game.
• Easy to use thumb or finger to splash juicy fruits slice on screen of your phone.
• Lot of juicy fruits i.e. lemon, orange, watermelon, mango, guava, apple, pineapple and many more in

this Fruit Slasher Slicing Master game.

Try to beat the best score of top players in this fruit splash fruit slice game. Share your highest score with

your friends and family and challenge them to beat your high score in this one of the best fruits cut games. It

is the best cut fruits game of this year in which you can do fruit slice with every fruit coming on your mobile

screen in this fruit cutting game.

Are you looking for fruit cut ninja game to check the sharpness of your knife edge by cutting fruits? Download

this new Fruit Slasher Slicing Master game and enjoy cut and slice fruits by splashing them in this

amazing fruit cut game.


Android 4.1+