Fruit Tycoon 0.45 APK MOD

August 29, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Fruit Tycoon  – In Fruit Tycoon you build your own Fruit Farm, where your goal is to build the biggest Fruit Empire!

Start small with only a few fields. Plant fruits and sell them on the Fruit Stock Market.
The special thing about the market is, that the prices change every hour. So you have to be very carefull, when you sell your fruits.

With your revenue you can buy new fields or upgrade them to increase the amount of harvested fruits in the future.

Do some scientific research in the laboratory and unlock new kinds of fruits and improve your already unlocked fruits.

Always look in the Silo for the best prices for the seeds. They also change every hour.

Use your economic skill to buy seeds and sell fruits at the right moments.
Your goal is to build the biggest farm and generate the most money.

Fulfil your destiny and become the Fruit Tycoon!

2 Game Mode
– Offline Game: Single-Player mode, you are your only competition.
– Highscore Game: Compete with gamers from all over the world. Your money is your online score. Create the biggest farm and show everyone that you are the richest Fruit Tycoon!

Gameplay Tips:
Plant fruits on all empty fields!
Harvest the fruits as soon as they are finished!
– Check the prices in the Fruit Stock Market and sell them for a good price.
– Plant your fruits again.
– Look in the Silo if you can buy seeds for a cheap price.
Upgrade fields, and do scientific research in the laboratory to improve your fruits.
New online Highscore Mode! Your money is your score. Show everyone that you are the richest Fruit Tycoon!



Android 4.4+