Furies: Last Escape 1.300.299 APK MOD


Furies: Last Escape 1.300.297 APK MOD Furies: Last Escape  –

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Furies Last Escape 1.300.297 APK MOD

– Live for nothing or die for something, your call!

It’s been 3 years since Zgirls built bases against zombies. Zgirls has mastered a vast amount of advanced military technologies. However, terrorists controlled upgraded zombies and invaded Zgirls bases. The bases got compromised while they were under loose defense. Now, you commanders will lead Zgirls fight with decisive organizations. Build your own military empire, conduct all kinds of army, and rebuild the world order until to be the new leader!


• The crazy storyline of this game will suck you in

• Absolute Freedom City Building, upgrade your facilities, research your technologies

• Collect and train numerous Zgirls to be your zombie killers

• Upgrade your base to resist all kinds of raids from zombies and foes

• Abundant quests and events help you quickly develop

• Play with friends or foes among players from all over the world

[Optimize] Activity content fix
[Optimized] Other detail adjustments and bug fixes


Android 4.1+