Game Of Beats : Break Tiles 1.3.2 APK MOD

Game Of Beats : Break Tiles 1.3.2 APK MOD Game Of Beats : Break Tiles  –

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Game Of Beats Break Tiles 1.3.2 APK MOD

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Ready to immerse yourself in the music beat? Best EDM app comprising neon levels and cool background music rhythm. Game of Beats: Break Tiles, featuring 3D visual effects with lovely themes and endless action. If you’re ready for the music adventure, wear your headphones and start your EDM melodic journey.
Enjoy slashing in this music runner. Enjoy music rhythm in the best beat blade offering upbeat running songs in amazing 3d environment with ultimate challenging modes. Slash the beats and feel an amazing satisfaction.
Break tiles on the rhythm of your favorite sound track EDM. Colorful environment and amazing soundtracks EDM make this rhythm adventure highly addictive. Feel the beat in this light saber.
Hit tiles at perfect time on your choice of rhythmic songs road with beat saber. Perform endless slashing in one of the best rhythmic arcade game in colorful 3d visuals.
Break Tiles is relaxing with appealing neon lights theme, exciting tracks, various glowing lasers and EDM music.
Beat the rhythm in this best music spiele, select favorite song from music library that include EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, & Piano or upload. Hit & smash with light saber laser while rhythm on the go in this beautiful rhythm action free musical game.
In each beat musical journey, stream of colorful blocks tries to approach you, Slash the same color with saber sword, on choosing different dancing blade mode, different colored tiles need to be hit with different color laser swords on EDM songs dancing road.
Tips to play
To play beat swing, use the same color beat saber to for slashing in slicing game. When your color swiper blader 3d slashes the tile it scattered and a score is rewarded.
On top of the screen, you will find three hearts representing the lives of the beat master. If the player hits the wrong color tile or miss the block, one life will be lost. If player loses all hearts, free running music arcade rhythmic level will end.
3D environment
Play incredible rhythm based swords in colorful 3d graphics. Earn reward to unlock exclusive EDM features & environments.
Colorful Beats
This EDM rush fun offers different amazing colorful beats or swords dash to its player. To unlock beautifully designed beats you need to earn diamonds. Earn by winning the level, by watching ad or video or by purchasing with the real money. Smash blocks with the monster blade, earn reward and collect diamonds.
Different Intensity levels
In this EDM, you will find six levels from simple to hard. Select the intensity level of the music battle
1. Noobi
2. Easy
3. Medium
4. Hard
5. Insane
6. Death
The Noomi mode is simple with 1 saber sword to smash blocks of one color only
Game play improved
Bugs fixed
Crashes resolved


Android 4.4+