GraalOnline Era 2.0 APK MOD

GraalOnline Era 2.0 APK MOD GraalOnline Era  –

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GraalOnline Era 2.0 APK MOD

Enter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Fight using assault rifles, shotguns, and more! This 2D adventure pits you against the ruthless gangs that run the streets of Graal. Few can survive the challenge: are you up to it?

Al-Capone-Era with gangs and guns!
Create a gang and take over gang bases!
Dual-stick controls for simultaneously moving and shooting!
Create a house and invite friends!

Recommended for everyone who likes open-world sandbox RPGs with PvP, FPS, trading games, or one of the other Graal online games like GraalOnline Classic, Zone, Kingdoms, Zodiac or Unholy Nation. Graal – the holy grail of online games!
Fix some black screen problems



Android 4.0+

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