Green Light Challenge CandyCub 0.5 APK MOD

Green Light Challenge CandyCub 0.3 APK MOD Green Light Challenge CandyCub  –

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Green Light Challenge CandyCub 0.3 APK MOD

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Green Light Challenge CandyCub APK MOD Download 1

Green Light Challenge – Survive or Die – Totally interesting Green Light Challenge for everyone.

New Survival simulator play with red light green light. Enjoy the feeling of Survive or Die. Whole Story of Wallpapers game and Glass Bridge, square, a triangle and a circle Dalgona Challenge are the most interested game to try.

Attention all players, welcome to the game called Red Light Green Light!

The simulator wallpaper challenge that everyone played when they were kids, but with a little twist!

The rules are simple; you run while the lights are green and you have to stop when it’s red. Try not to get eliminated and survive the game!

Can you cross the finish line without getting caught in given time and collect the big prize?

Let the game begin!
Add Dalgona Candy Mod
Add Marbles Mod
Add Tug Of War Mod
Add Glass Bridge Mod


Android 4.4+

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