Guns mod 5.55.6 APK App

July 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Guns mod  – Guns mod will delight you with an impressive collection of a weapon case. You can get a machine gun or a rifle, a sword or a bow. There are other types of weapons. The sword is presented in 24 new variations. It is impossible to make a new weapon that is not in the collection. Although the application provides an alternative: kill the mob, it will drop a box of items, take it and try to make a new sword.
The application will change your idea of what should be a real game. You will have access to a huge arsenal of weapons. Of particular interest are three natural swords. Each of them has its own capabilities. Rate of attack and level (there is any weapon) depends on the specific subject. In some cases, the sword gives the character certain abilities. To activate this option, press the button in the lower right corner for a few seconds.
Guns mod can be obtained in several ways:
– kill mobs in survival mode. Do this until you get a box of items (lootbox). Put them in your inventory. Press the loot button to start roulette. Use the found object to randomly select a model;
– you can get elemental swords in creative mode. Go to the special tab to find mods (sword mod). You will see all the possible variants of swords.
New Guns



Android 4.1+