Headed South 1.02 APK MOD

Headed South 1.02 APK MOD

November 13, 2019 0 By pakadmin

A collaboration between Google and ustwo Studios, Headed South is an experience that introduces Google’s new Quick Gestures to users in a playful and engaging way.

Driven by Motion Sense, Quick Gestures introduce a new paradigm of interaction that changes the way users interact with their devices.

Headed South takes you on a journey from the forest-covered scenery of the North to the warm, secluded shores of the South in a fantasy landscape. You play as Soli, a unique bird on a mission to rescue unsuspecting wild birds from a dark, approaching storm.

Each bird is unique and requires special gestures to catch up to them in flight. Through Soli’s journey, players will learn, practice, and master the use of Quick Gestures on the Pixel 4.

Master the gestures and flight controls in order to save the birds and escape the storm!

Six stunning levels to explore

Leverages Quick Gestures and Motion Sense technology for a unique gameplay experience

★ Replayable levels (catch all the birds, get all the stars)
★ Progression (unlock new levels as you progress)
★ “Boss” birds (bigger, more difficult challenges)
★ Atmosphere (artwork, music, and ambience combine to create something lush and inviting)
★ A flock of your own (Soli is the leader; collect and watch them come together)