Heroism 2020.09 Release: 4 APK MOD

September 11, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Heroism  – This is an Action RPG with some clicker game elements.

Unlike my other game, CLICKPOCAYPSE II, this is not an idle game.

Explore the world, brave dangerous dungeons, gather Heroism, build a party, find precious items, go up levels, learn skills, unlock upgrades, and kill lots and lots of monsters.

This game looks like a Roguelike, but there is no permadeath. Actually, there is no punishment for death at all, other than a short pause, where you may consider your life choices and spend your precious death points.
Added fix for people affected by the recent party rank bug (if you have a rank over 300 then it gets reset to 54).
Death Screen lets you escape to the surface if you’ve died multiple times in the dungeon level
New Tool: Exit dungeon – lets you leave the dungeon.



Android 4.1+