Idle RPG – The Game is Bugged! : Labyrinth Update 1.16.08 APK MOD


Idle RPG – The Game is Bugged! 1.15.95 APK MOD Idle RPG – The Game is Bugged!  –

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Idle RPG – The Game is Bugged 1.15.95 APK MOD

■Huge RPG adventure tales
Background: Fantasy idle RPG
World: There are tiles full of bugs everywhere and also undeveloped areas.
Allies: Form a party with heroes of many races to save “Mabuland”.
Residents: Because they don’t realize they are NPCs, they are afraid and leave work to others.

■Mabuland Developers
CEO Shin E. Kim: President of Mabu games.
Manager Dev Loper: The main culprit behind the bugs. Rumor has it that he developed it using his feet.
Employee Ulrik S. Blitz (USB): Has the mysterious ability to enter the game via a USB port.
Assistant Manager Lee & Assistant Manager Ham: In charge of planning and art direction.

■The Game is Bugged
The game has a great player-base who support the developers. They have been improving and expanding the game through constant updates over the past 2 years.
This is a pixel idle rpg produced by Maf Games, creators of Mr. Kim the Mid Aged Knight, the original Korean idle clicker RPG game
v. 1.15.95
– Add a character-specific Relic system
– Item & equipment manufacturing UI and some materials improvement
– 5-Star Equipment 30-Day Subscription addition
– [Shining Enhance Scroll] Item Store Sales Added



Android 4.2+