Jigsaw Doors : Jigsaw Puzzle Game 2.4 APK MOD

August 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Jigsaw Doors brings a unique and a new way of solving Jigsaw puzzles.
Escape from the room by solving Jigsaw Doors.

Jigsaw Doors provides the following options:
✹ 150+ jigsaw puzzles to play
✹ Themed based levels
✹ New packs added regularly!
✹ Preview mode makes it easier to solve jigsaw.
✹ Beautiful HD picture jigsaws in various themes: Aliens, Dinasaurs, Animal, Scenery etc
✹Completely FREE Jigsaw photo puzzle game
✹Beautiful graphics

Download and join Jigsaw photo puzzle game NOW!

Game by MindYourLogic in collaboration with Logical Baniya

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