Jump Hunter 1.4.4 APK MOD

Jump Hunter 1.4.3 APK MOD Jump Hunter  –

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Jump Hunter 1.4.3 APK MOD

The faith power of clan totem gives Leander extraordinary jumping ability.
The world is his home field!
Holding a sharp spear, the dragon is only prey in hishands.
Hunt monsters and get the materials theydrop to forgegreatequipment
It is a paradise for youand monsters, what are you waiting for?
Pick up the spear and fight!
1. Added refresh mechanism to redeem shop in Trial Tower
2. Added double drop weekly card to Trial Tower, within 2 weeks after purchase, trial badges will drop twice as much
3. Added a button to see what your character is currently wearing in blacksmith interface
4. The shop interface has been revised, which is divided into three labels: Shop, Pack and Month Card
5. Added two kinds of month cards in shop
6. Daily free entry to Trial Tower was adjusted to 1 time



Android 4.4+

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