KoGaMa 1.90.4 APK MOD

KoGaMa 2.25.9 APK MOD

January 17, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Join over 3,000,000 users in the ever-expanding world of KoGaMa, where players work together to create and build worlds which are open for everyone to explore!

Explore over 2,000,000 games presenting new challenges, new goals, and completely unique experiences such as:

– Parkour
– Epic battles with other players
– Slay Monsterous beasts
– Capture the flag
– Intense Hovercraft racing
– Exploration
– Arcade minigames

And many more!

The games in KoGaMa are all user created, meaning you can build your own world!
But why build alone, when you can build with your friends? Bring your friends to KoGaMa
and build awesome worlds together, completely free!
Added new winning condition, TimeAttackFlag. The TimeAttackFlag works like the normal flag except it only resets the player which reaches it.

When the player with the best flag time from a team leaves the team by disconnecting or switching to another team the team loses his score and the next best score takes it’s place.