LignUp Multi Collector

LignUp Multi Collector 6.1.2

September 10, 2017 0 By pakadmin

LignUp Multi Collector 6.1.2

LignUp Multi Collector

Within your database the LignUp Multi Collector is best way if you want to keep track your collections.

You need to download, when you will installed it on you computer, you will see there are preferences tab, It will saved you time. You can select any options without any hesitations like the Auto save times, Windows geometry, updates and database settings. Once it will completed, the software has a some small databases in place to check and received the familiar with the program.

The interface of the tool is very well laid out and it is very simple and easy to understand. The functions of software on the top has New, Add, Backup, Manager, and Delete. There another will shows there to save your databases to Dropbox. You can speedily collect any necessary information in database.

You need to keep in mind it is complicated if you create or edit a database option because it is the main part of the application that is spending some time on the test databases.

Anytime you can also print your database in different formats like PDF, Excel CSV, HTML, and others.

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Features of LignUp Multi Collector:-

  • Able to create a database of your all collections
  • It can be pretty complicated but dont worry the lignup Multi Collector makes it as simple as possible.
  • Can quickly sort the collection
  • You can keep all necessary information about items in a database
  • Print your database in different formats
  • Can show off or share your collections
  • Free

Author of this Application / Software is LignUp, size of the software is 63.3 MB, This is latest version of software / application which is 6.1.2, License is Freeware that’s requires Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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