majica~電子マネー公式アプリ~ 1.14.5 APK App

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majica~電子マネー公式アプリ~  – 国内ドン・キホーテ店舗およびmajica加盟店でのお買い物を便利にお得にサポートする電子マネーカード「majica」の公式アプリです。







・majica donpen card
・UCSカード ※一部対象外のカードがございます。










This is the official app of the electronic money card “majica” that conveniently and economically supports shopping at domestic Don Quijote stores and major stores.
You can purchase products at a special coupon price and receive advantageous information by message.
By registering the card number of the electronic money card “majica”, it is even more convenient and affordable to shop at domestic Don Quijote stores and major stores.

■ Limited to those who have a UCS card ■
You no longer need to buy a major card at the store.
If you register a UCS card, we will issue a cardless majica.
* Some UCS cards are not applicable.

■ Main services and functions

You can check detailed information about majica such as majica’s money balance, point balance, rank information, etc.

・ Majica card [*]
You can use it as a majica from checkout to charging simply by showing the majica card screen at the cash register.

・ Coupon QR code
You can use coupon ticketing by holding it over the coupon ticketing machines installed at Don Quijote stores and major member stores in Japan.

You can check your shopping receipts at domestic Don Quijote stores and major stores with the major app.
Simply show the majica at the time of shopping and you can check your shopping receipt using the app. Receipt management is very convenient and easy.
* Not available at some stores.

You can use advantageous coupons that can be used at Don Quijote stores and major member stores in Japan.
If you select a coupon and show the majica or app at the time of checkout, or show it to the clerk, you can use the coupon only with the app.
* If you have not registered a major card (visitor member), the types of coupons you can use, the number of tickets issued, and the usage method will differ.

You can charge the majica.
The payment method is credit card payment, and the following credit cards can be used.
・ Majica donpen card
・ UCS card * Some cards are not eligible.

You can search for product information at domestic Don Quijote stores and major store stores by simply reading the product barcode.

We will send you coupon information, bargain information, majorica usage notices, various campaign information, etc. of registered MY stores.

We have posted a lot of good deals information such as majica points and luxurious prizes.

・ Can suspend and reissue electronic money card “majica” when lost [*]
You can temporarily stop using it if you lose it. You can also transfer your money balance and points through the reissue procedure.

・ Rank privilege service that is profitable according to rank [*]
Rank benefits are offered according to the amount of annual shopping at domestic Don Quijote stores and major stores. Save more as you shop.

■ Notes
・ In order to use all the services of the majica app, you need to register a major card or UCS card.
* Some UCS cards are not eligible.

-The electronic money card “majica” is sold at Don Quijote stores in Japan and major stores (excluding some stores) from 100 yen (tax included).

-There are restrictions on the services that can be used by apps that are not registered (majica card) (visitor members).
 Please note that services marked with [*] cannot be used.

・ Recommended OS: Android version 5.0 or higher
* Some models may not work properly.
* Tablet devices are not guaranteed to work.

We accept opinions and requests regarding the application through the request form in the application. We look forward to hearing from you for improving the application in the future.



Android 5.0+