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Make-EXE software offers the context menu option, with this software you can create your own scripts of PowerShell or integrate former embedded resources.

When you click the PowerShell or batch scripts after click on install option, you should be able to find “make exe extension. We tried and checked it on different files, its created perfectly. when you click on Make Exe option, you have got handful options. The 1st one would be embedded files, after embedded files this is very important that you have a package of mashup files. With this tool you can change the icon of executable file or file directory Folders.

And the second options is well consider according to session views that is includes file version, product name, copyright, company name, assembly version, redirect output and save config. these all thing will depend on your choice. If you will select config then a file uses AssemblyInfo.json extension and it will saved on your desktop of your PC.

There is no uninstall option, although this software is portable, with this software you can eliminate manually the context menu. It has reset defaults program option in Windows 10. If you wants to search it on window simply go to Settings, System, Default apps and then click on the Reset button that is located bottom. This software is cool, i like it very much,hope you will also like it, because its very simple to understand.

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Features are includes:-

  • You can find batch files or working with Powershell
  • Includes menu option
  • You can create desired scripts
  • Able to change the icon of any folder or file
  • Able to make desired extensions
  • Includes options the file version, product name, copyright, company name, assembly version, redirect output and save config
  • Its depend on your choices
  • No uninstall option
  • Its allow people to use your Powershell or batch scripts
  • Simple and Easy tool to us, and also its freely available.

Author of this Application / Software is Jay-Rad, 155 KB size of Make-EXE Application / Software, This is latest version of software / application which is, License is Freeware that’s requires Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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