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Mastermind Brain and Gain 0.2.2 APK MOD

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Are you calling yourself a mastermind? Then think again because you haven’t tried this tough and brainy game yet!

Train your brain and measure your IQ, EQ today with a bunch of brain testing and challenging questions from our brand new puzzle game: Brain and gain.

Brain and gain brings your the experience of confusingly fun when solving tricky, visualized questions.

Why you should play brain and gain instead of other so called “”brain”” game (A.K.A GAME FEATURES)

– Simple yet addictive gameplay
– So lightweight that every smartphone users can enjoy.
– Funny, witty ingame visual and sound effect.
– Mindblown but entertaining answers.
– Trendy, favourite movies and cartoon characters to appear in their own puzzles.

In this game, you will have to combine your flexiblity, your memory and your bravery to be able to overcome our mindblown questions. Sometimes the question are confusing and at some points they are even more confusing.

This encourages you to think outside the box, make the brain pop out the craziest ideas. And after finishing every question, you are leaved with the dopamine of feeling intelligent.

What is even better? Even your favourite movies and cartoon characters will appear in our puzzles, making the riddles even more interesting. Connect with your friends, brainstorm together to find out the answers.

You can be smart and entertained at the same time. Use your imagination, think outside the box to solve dumbfounded challenges today!
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Android 5.0+