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Maze Castle 0.5.0 APK MOD

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🔥 Are you confident in your control skills? 🔥

⭐️ Extreme control! Pixel Art Side-scrolling Action RPG! ⭐️

▶︎ 2D side-scrolling action RPG

▶︎ Cute pixel art characters and monsters!

▶︎ Various characters, unique skills!

▶︎ Collect runes to become more powerful!

▶︎ Collect hidden chests to acquire hidden characters.

▶︎ Challenge your limit by challenging endless mode.

▶︎ Set a record and challenge the ranking!

⭐️ This content will be added in the future ⭐️

▶︎ A new boss will be added

▶︎ New characters will be added

▶︎ New mode will be added

▶︎ And… If your support is hot, we plan to develop PvP modes!

We will reward you with quality updates. Thank you.

🎁 Check out [Ongoing Events] at the official cafe 🎁

▶︎ Official Naver Cafe :

▶︎ Official website :
► Now there is no star limit for entering 2 stars in challenge mode.
► The star limit of the world boss has been lowered.



Android 4.4+