Maze game 3D – Labyrinth 8.0 APK MOD

October 7, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Maze runner is a free adventure & puzzle maze game that brings the classic labyrinth into a whole new 3D maze level

Train your brain and challenge your friends!
The faster you get to the exit, the better score you will achieve.

See the map and try to remember the map
Find the way through the map
If you get lost then you can use the power-ups

Test and improve your memory.
Infinite number of uniquely random generated mazes that use the best algorithm to challenge your brain.


✓ supports offline game play
✓ Power-ups
✓ Maze game (Labyrinth)
✓ Challenging mazes
✓ Enjoy excellent HD graphics
✓ Cool music and sounds
✓ Easy controls
✓ Puzzle
✓ Realistic physics and fun game play

Maze runner is also suitable for kids.
> More colors
> More Terrain
> Better Graphics
> Optimizations
> Improved View angle at game start
> New and better UI

The game is back on development because of your love and support.
More updates are coming soon
Includes –
> More powers
> Sound Effects