Maze: Path of light APK MOD

Maze: Path of light APK MOD Maze: Path of light  –

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Maze Path of light APK MOD

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NEW Constellation Mode

Ever wanted to get lost among the stars or lost in a Maze. With the new Constellation mode, we bring you the best of both.

Solve labyrinths to unlock stars in the constellation.

Once all the stars have been collected, watch as the hidden constellation magically flourishes in front of you. Enjoy the magical journey through the labyrinth of stars and discover all of the constellations.


Play classic square mazes/labyrinths or discover many more original ones: circular, triangular, hexagonal, or even bunny 🐇, guitar 🎸 or tree 🌲 shaped mazes.

Challenge yourself with seven different game modes that include our unique intertwined labyrinths with teleportation portals 🌀.

Progress through the constellations and unlock over 100 combinations of maze sizes, types, shapes, and game modes.

Swipe to guide the light through the maze and find the exit

Relax with small mazes or try to solve more advanced ones

Master 4 types of mazes: square, triangular, hexagonal, and circular

Start with classic mazes and unlock five extra game modes: time-limited
restricted moves
token collection
intertwined mazes with teleportation portals

🐇Try our funny shaped labyrinths
Explore over 3 000 uniquely designed mazes with vivid colors and soothing music.


This game has been made by a small team of three independent developers. All your suggestions and feedback to help us improve the game are welcome.
Enjoy this new title brought to you by Infinity Games, a market expert in minimal and relaxing gameplay! We are excited to bring you more and more features in future updates.

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