Medical Microbiology 1.0 APK App

June 3, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Medical Microbiology  – Medical Microbiology is an app designed for Microbiology Students and Researchers to learn and understand Microbiology More. Medical Microbiology app Contains detailed explanations of the following with high quality picture illustrations:

The Basics of Medical Microbiology
Bacterial Infections: Pathogenesis & More
Mycology:Trait of Fungi,Fungal Disease & More
Antifungal Drugs List & Classification
More Fungal Diseases Symptoms & Diagnosis
Parasites: Definition & Types
Prions: Definition, Structure & Sterilization

On Medical Microbiology app, you can Find Detailed Explanation of the above mentioned topics.
This app is perfect for microbiology students



Android 4.1+