Munchies: Get ice-creams and snacks instantly 3.4.0 APK App

July 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Munchies: Get ice-creams and snacks instantly  – You’re probably looking at the Munchies App and thinking –
What is Munchies?


Munchies is the one stop solution to all your snacking needs! Ice Cream, chocolates, chips, drinks & more-we’ll deliver whatever you want, whenever you want at your doorstep, real quick! Because going to the store is mundane, long lines are torture tests and fortunately for you, we love making your busy life easier 😉

So, when your best friend is being lazy, Munchies is your Best Buddy Forever-right there to lift your mood by bringing that yummy double chocolate Cornetto at 12 AM, chilled Coke in the sweltering summer heat & the comfort of a bag of chips – all with a few easy taps!

1. Download the Munchies app – our savvy GPS system will automatically pick your location
2. Put your favourite snacks in your cart
3. Tap ‘Place Order’ and upon confirmation get your buddy details and location
4. Track the ride in real time.

Then just put up your favourite show and wait for your buddy to ring your doorbell and TA-DA in a few minutes you are munching on your favourite snacks!
5. And Hey! Adding Ice Cream worth PKR 100 makes your delivery charges FREE!

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If you’re facing any issues with the app, pick up your phone and dial our Toll free number:
033111MUNCH (68624).

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Android 5.0+