My Dafi 1.3.9 APK App

June 3, 2020 0 By pakadmin

My Dafi  – Application My Dafi is a modern and intuitive tool designed for users of filtering jugs and bottles. Reminds about monthly replacement of filter, as well as the time in which to prepare for its purchase. Regular replacement of the filter allows to achieve optimum water intended for human consumption, ideal for drinking and cooking. The filter prevents premature scaling in a kettle, improves the taste and smell. With the filtering bottle with active filter You can enjoy the water, wherever You are, just turn on the tap.

Convenient calendar, located in the application, allow you to set the first day of using the filter. From this moment My Dafi application start counting the time left for the next replacement. My Dafi application inform You about the status of Your filter in three different colour schemes. Blue Dafi drop mean that Your filter is good. Yellow drop inform, that it comes the time of replacing the filter for the new one. Red drop indicate the filter should be changed immediately. With this application you will find out how much you save per month and how much you can save per year by filtering tap water with Dafi. The application provide an overview of products from the current selling offer.
Do not delay, start your month with Dafi filters now!
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Android 4.2+