OffRoad Jeep Adventure 18 2.0.4 APK MOD

August 30, 2020 0 By pakadmin

OffRoad Jeep Adventure 18  – Off road jeep adventure 18 is a racing simulator with an exciting rush to grab feeling of thrill and driving on tricky hills, steering off-road routes and experience the adventure of driving a hummer on hill portions.
Select your preferred jeep; drive it through a strong 3D unknown but exhilarating landscape. There are 15 levels; each has its own difficulties and hours of unlimited fun with 3D designed jeeps.
With offroad jeep adventure 18 you can clutch Hilly isle, select a car, brake or toss as per your directions, drive through water and thump into hills with a heavy vehicles. Climb up on a high hill, compete bumpy variety; get over challenging muddy off-road areas without trapping in a strain trench.
Offroad jeep adventure 18 Features:
• Realistic 3D graphics and game design
• Exciting 4×4 jeeps embellished with catchy colors
• Inner car structure animations giving real off-road driving sensations
• Different camera angles to play game with multiple diversions and variety
• 3D designed Tricky muddy offroad tracks
• Time restrictions for more excitement
• Steering feature helps player griping a route
• Checkpoints to follow track accurately
• Tilt and touch control to make game more near to real
• Brake control for controlled game play
• Amazing and engaging graphical user interface
• Compatible with all types of android smart phones
• Easy to install and free to play
• Locked car models available after completing specific levels
• Thrilling sounds effects

How to Play:
• Select hummer or jeep from menu.
• Finish the lap in a fixed time using brake, accelerator, jumping, and navigation sign.
• Tilt your Smartphone or use arrow keys to move left or right to cross off-road tracks.
• Follow check points to remain consistent on tracks.
• Use 4×4 button to boost up power of your jeep on the steep tracks
• Use right up arrow button as accelerator and down arrow button to reverse
• Select level or use back button to play back any crossed level
• Use different camera angles and choose your best view to play.

Good luck with the exciting off-road racing simulator on your android phone!
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Efficiency Improved
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Android 4.4+