Puppo! 2.3.0 APK MOD

August 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Puppo!  – ‘Puppo!’ is a simple and challenging puzzle game that make people want to play it again and again.

The rule is simple and easy. Just connect three panels with the same number and color to stay horizontal or vertical.
The number of color panels will continue to increase.

If you aim for high scores, it is a good idea to make more “multi-color panels” that can be connected with different colors.

However, if there are no more places in the game, it will be over. It will be the end of the game if you are too greedy.

This challenging puzzle game is designed to be simple but needs to think hard.

With an interrupt function, no time limit, players can enjoy playing game at their own pace.
+ Adaptive Icon.



Android 4.4+