QCat Car Puzzle Free 2.5.0 APK MOD

QCat Car Puzzle Free 2.5.0 APK MOD QCat Car Puzzle Free  –

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QCat Car Puzzle Free 2.5.0 APK MOD

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QCat Car Free Puzzle Game

If you love airplane, firetruck, rocket, camion and automobile. and also curious with engine and machine. like outdoor activity and sport, and always want to learn to drive. Then, you will love this game.

this is a interactive conveyance jigsaw game

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It include two part: inlay puzzle and transportation list.

Inlay puzzle has 4 transport (random choice every time).
When finish the puzzle, user is rewarded with the happy sound and see many traffic signs on the screen, let the user to get it. Then user click the vehicle, they will see different animation and learn the vehicle’s name.

This jigsaw game total introduces 19 vehicles, includes: Tractor, Tanker, Train, Car, Motorcycle, Cruise, Excavator, Crane, Truck, Bus, Bicycle, Ship, Plane, Van, Bulldozer, Mixer Truck, Helicopter and Stacker. And 30 cartoon pictures in transportation list.

It could give you more fun all the time. Besides, it can help to develop cognitive skill, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, tactile skill, and fine motor skill.

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Android 4.0.3+