Qikplay – Win Real Gift Cards 10.0.3 APK MOD

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Qikplay – Win Real Gift Cards  – Enjoy & Play the world’s classic Games.Win Points which can be used to Redeem E- Gift cards.Shop from your Favorite brand from our shop and win Section & get weekly Bonus Points & Spins.This Shop & Win is currently available for our Indian Players only.
Play Free Earn Spins & also Get Bonus Points to Redeem E-Gift Cards across the World.
Win Bonus Points Weekly also on Shopping your favorite Brands using through our Affiliate website of Respective Brands.
Play more & Win More.
New Powers, New Rules, New Design, Live Ranking
Showing live Winner during the Game near the Profile Pictures.

Unique Features & Portal –

QikPlay is the First World Portal where for few countries it is launched where Players can do Shopping also from Famous hopp brand icon to redirect respectively Websites in shop & win Section to win Points after Shopping & also Enjoy Classic Games-to Win Points & Redeem Gift Cards for themselves or for their Loved one’s.
E-Gift cards Redeem would be Available inside the Application for full Security.

Multiplayer/Play with Friends-
Join the Game Rooms with Room code Playing Free/Live Game to win Rewards.
World Best Unique Features
– Play for FREE with players across the world
– Up to 4 special Powers like Direct out, Extra Turn, Multi-Colour Dragon or Dragon Fire
– Multi- Player Mode for frantic fun!
– Play with Facebook Friends or as Guest
– Earn Points and level up!
– Fast-paced competitive and fun – for FREE!
– Convert Main Points to Live Coins to Play & Win More
– FREE Main Points on Sign up!
Excellent game graphics and animations
Many More Exciting Games To Launch in Future.

This classic game is so popular you probably already know how to win !
On your turn, play a card that matches the top card in the center of the table.
To win, you must play all of your cards before your opponents do or before timer of 5 minutes should have minimum Card Values in Hand.
It is a simple color and number matching game. Everyone from your family , even grandparents & kids can enjoy.
Each Uno game also has a time limit of 5 minutes per game. If nobody gets rid of all their cards before the timer runs out the game will end and coin prize will be awarded to players with the least hand cards value left.

The first player has to match the card in the discard pile either by number or color or the player can throw down a special card else he must pick a card from the deck. If it can played what is drawn,then automatically will be thrown, great .Otherwise the turn moves to the next person.

The winner
First one who has no cards left & Second players with the least hand cards value left and Similarly so on..

Play with your Facebook friends , against the computer or with millions of Uno fans around the world.
You will also soon be able to create a Friend Match and invite your friends to play.
This is a classic four colour card game of family fun! Race to get rid of all your cards! Use the Special Powers against your opponents.
Games online you can play you think would be the ultimate family fun on your phone?

QikPlay Ludo-

You have to kill one opponent Token before Entering for home. When you kill Token of A opponent just move forward to end Home-Run & Enter Winning Box.
First Player whose Token first & at that time Second ,Third & fourth Player is whose “POOL Home-Run GATE ” is open and one of his pawn is nearest to the “WINNING BOX”, then that player will be consider first for the ranking
Live Ranking is Always mentioned during the Game-Play

Fully Safe & Secure

The most Safe & Secure to Redeem Points
Download QikPlay for your phone & tablets today & have endless hours of fun, we hope you feel QikPlay games is much better than the competition.
So, what are you waiting for? QikPlay for Free..
Minor bug fix.



Android 4.1+