Real Manager Fantasy Soccer at another level 1.3.13 APK MOD


Real Manager Fantasy Soccer at another level 1.3.0 APK MOD Real Manager Fantasy Soccer at another level  –

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Real Manager Fantasy Soccer at another level 1.3.0 APK MOD

Play Real Manager and experience the feeling of managing a real-life team in a given budget.

Think you can do better? Show the rest what you could have done if they gave you a chance.

Select your team’s
+ new name and branding.
+ Build the best Dream Team from real life players.
+ Manage your training department. Sign coaches and assign training sessions to improve
your players to gain more points.
+ Challenge your friends and family for weekly competitions.
+ Collect incomes from your sponsors and daily prizes.
+ Compete in the Official global ranking of the best Real Manager.
+ Join Real Manager community on social media networks at Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram, and stay up to date on all the latest news and tips!

It’s time for YOU to begin your Real Soccer Manager career today!
XP & Journey
From now on, actions you perform will reward you with XP (Experience Points). Gain XP to increase your Manager level and receive cool rewards on every checkpoint you pass on your journey to be the best. The progression you make transforms your home stadium from a small sandy pitch to the state of the art football arena.

Your manager skills should be recognized! Your team performance may reward you with trophies which also comes with special gifts.



Android 5.0+